Saturday, December 27

Funny, funny.. . I've heard all these!


Linda said...

I have been confused, I found one that was obviously a joke. So I am embarassed now not knowing which ones are offensive and which aren't.

Linda said...

I saw a Mennonite video, and a homeschooling one. I did enjoy this one though, I have five children as well.

Me said...

Hello Linda, I don't find any of them offensive. These are just questions that large families get all the time.

Sommer said...

That was great Hannah! What is funny is that I only have 3 and one on the way and I've already had some of these questions!

That was so fun:-)

Lots of love,

Lynn Hasty said...

That's cute. I got those questions with only four. I can imagine what people with 5 and up get. :)