Monday, December 22

Christmas Happenings

I don't know where this white boy of ours got his rhythm from, but rhythm he has. He conducted throughout the Christmas special, be-bopping all the while. I love it. I love seeing him enjoying music so much. He wants to play the fiddle, he tells me. Do lefties play the same as righties? The hunt for a teacher begins....
This sweet child of ours was the mistress of ceremonies and did a fantastic job. She was cool as a cucumber, not a bit of nerves on her.

That, she gets from the Papa, not me.


Karen G. said...

Gosh, Hannah how big they look in these pictures. We attended on Saturday evening so we didn't get to see the production. Thanks for the pictures of the kids.

~ Shannon said...

Yes, lefties do play violin the same way that righties play! I'm a violinist, myself, so I'm so glad to hear that your son is interested -- and a good sense of rhythm will come in very handy! ;)

Your children as so adorable (as always). I love your girls' skirts! Did you make them, perchance?

Have a very Merry Christmas, and thank you so much for your blog! I always find it refreshing and encouraging!

In Christ,

Sommer said...

How fun! It is so fun to watch children perform so freely and with little inhibitions!

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!!!

Lots of love,

Me said...

Thanks, Shannon, for the leftie info! My mother made the girl's outfits. She has an embroidery machine that she used for the snowflakes.
Have a beautiful Christmas!

mandi said...

my 4 year old wants to play the fiddle too. she's been asking since age 3, we told her to wait until 5...she turns 5 in 3 weeks! she can't wait to get her violin!

Unknown said...

Wow... your little concert mistress looks all grown up! and more and more pretty like her mom!

i think it's wonderful your boy is interested in the violin... maybe if i don't end up finding a job, i can give him a few lessons! we all started off on the piano, which helps a lot with learning how to read music.