Saturday, December 6

Anniversary Day

Late this morning we dropped four of the five kiddos off at the home of very brave friends and took off with only the babe, Chase. I cannot remember the last time we had a day with just one kiddo!

Back country roads brought us past an Amish buggie with dice swinging in the front windshield (?) and a school bus sawn in half with a plow attached. Really, though, besides these oddities, the scenery was absolutely beautiful as we made our way over hill and vale to a small Amish farm that sells hand made cheeses and butter and fresh milk and meats.

Loaded up with raw cheeses, cheddar, Gruyere, and another whose name I cannot recall at this late hour when I ought to be in bed, we headed over more hills to a favorite antique center, intending to pick up some specific Christmas gifts for the boys. We passed by this beautiful Russian monastery in the itty bitty town where my family lived when I was a baby.

There are always beautiful things at this specific antique mill. We admired this enormous old toboggan and wished it was not already sold. It would have been the perfect size for our family, don't you think?

Years ago at an auction I passed on a beautful footed maple table like this one below and kick myself for it.

It went to the highest bidder at $50. This one too, is a steal at just $120. Needless to say, it would not fit our family around it and so it sits there still, waiting for its perfect family.

Sean found a small handsaw for Douglas, which he has been hoping for. He'll learn to use it with Papa's supervision, of course. For Christopher, a small hand drill. If you have not seen an antique hand drill, they really are fabulous. Sort of like the old fashioned egg beaters but with a spinning drill at the end, if that makes any sense. Very kid friendly.

Chase hung out with us all day, chewing on his socks in the antique store and giving big toothy grins to anyone.

We picked up the kiddos and headed home. I missed my kiddos! They were exhausted from playing all day and four of five were asleep by the time we pulled into the driveway. Kaelin and Douglas made everyone happy face plates of food for a snacky supper. Slices of uncured ham for the face, raisins made into eyes, noses, mustaches, mouths. Crackers for hair and uncured salami for hats. Tada!

Sean and I slipped out again this evening to a favorite restaurant that we only get to every once in a blue moon. It is lovely and yummy and elegant and pricey.

Over the years we have had a lot of good conversations here over French Onion soup

and a cup of hot tea, fresh baked bread with a crusty crust and the twelve hundred other courses of food they supply, all baked, cooked, broiled, whipped and served with perfection.

Tonight we talked about all the things we are so thankful for which are so many, the funnies the kids have done over the years, how many vehicles and houses we've had together (7 and 3, respectively) where God has our life headed....

It was peaceful and calm, fireplace crackling and acoustic guitar strumming in the background.

Yes, I brought the camera and Sean just chuckled and said, "blog fodder?"

The food was great. I ate one bite, just one bitty bite of my delicious pork tenderloin with goat cheese and leeks with a basalmic and honey reduction. By that time we had had eleven hundred of the twelve hundred courses and were painfully stuffed.

But that's okay, because nothing is more exciting to our kids than "date food". We could bring home something that they would never like in a thousand years and they will gobble it up just because it is "date food". No, I'm not too proud to ask for my food to be wrapped at a fancy restaurant. I'm thrifty, remember?

Happy Anniversary, my love. The past ten years of being your wife have been the best of my life. All the joys of life have been magnified, sharing them with you, and all the cares and concerns of life have been easier to bear because of your love. I love you!


MamaBirdEmma said...

You past Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville!! Wow! FH was there a few months ago for the funeral of their Metropolitan.

Great post!

Me said...

Emma, your husband and you are the first ones I thought of when we stopped there!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I'm sorry for not wishing you a Happy Anniversary in my first post! I was still foggy this morning and now I see that I typed "FH" instead of "DH"! OY!

I am glad that you had a good day!

Andrea said...

congrats, hannah, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary just recently on nov 28th.. a wonderful milestone!!

Kate said...

Happy Anniversary! It looked like a good day; I hope it was.

Phase II said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Would you mind giving me the name of the farmers market and where it is located - i would love to visit it if its close to my neck of the woods.

Happy Monday -

New Mom said...

Congratulations on 10 years! The monastery and restaurant pictures were beautiful. Thanks for sharing your special night with us, you guys look so cute together!

Me said...


What a nice anniversary. :)

My folks have a very similar claw-footed antique table that was my great grandma's. I love it.

And, yes I remember the old-time drills. My dad has one that was, I think, someone's from our past. Ahhh...wonderful memories. :)

Thank you for sharing!