Thursday, November 20

The snow began blowing yesterday, then resigned itself to falling in slow white clusters heavy upon the earth. This morning we all bundled up to take Papa in to work and then bring sweet wiggly Chaser to his six month appointment with our pediatrician.

A few errands while Papa worked included picking up a box of fabric from a new friend, stopping at a favorite discount grocery store where we loaded up on bags of organic veggies for less than a dollar each, and a quick run to a thrift store where I exercised self control and bought nothing.

Burritos, yogurt, and scalloped potatoes made up our curious but delicious leftover lunch before whisking the littlest ones off to a nap and settling two of the oldest down with lessons. Papa, Christopher and I bundled up and took the truck to move wood from the stacks at the back of our property to the porch. Christopher is such a hard worker. I absolutely love hearing his little man grunts as he tossed pieces of firewood up into the truck.
The cold sank into my barn boots by the end of the second load, hurrying me inside for the woodstove to thaw fingers and toes. I love New York state but I have a strong dislike for its politics and winters. But here God has us for now.

After lessons, Douglas and Christopher filled up the wood piles in the kitchen and living room. Tonight I am sitting by a very creatively stacked woodpile and am so thankful for my hardworking boys. The fingers flying away on a Christmas knitting project are warm.


Mrs. D said...

I think I'd love the winters where you live. We lived in Norway for three years when I was a child and I have missed winters with lots of snow ever since. The area here in Germany where we live has hardly any snow in winter.
Btw I started a new blog (with no real posts as of yet) instead of Sharing Life and I am looking forward to being a SAHM soon :). We're expecting our first child next spring!
Hugs from Germany, Jeannine

Sommer said...

Perhaps it would be different living in snowy winter country...but, being a native Californian(bay area to boot!), I haven't really ever been in snow much:( I'd love the chance to live where the seasons change a little more obviously.

But, I'm sure I'd be running in with cold feet :-) What a blessing to have such good little men helpers. I hope to raise up my little man to be like seems especially sweet when it is the littles that really do that work:-)

Hope you have a blessed Friday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I suppose it *is* November, but can't believe you're into snow already!
We have good friends who are moving to NY state (waiting for their US visas, also complicated by an unplanned but very welcome pregnancy which may be too far advanced for them to travel once their visas DO come through!) ... but it will be very different for them as they have lived in Africa all their lives! They will be based near Woodstock? Will they also get much snow???

Phase II said...

We also live in Upstate NY (Right between Binghamton and Albany near Cooperstown) in Oneonta. I dont know about you but for me the snow is great NOW by the end of the season I will be a bit tired of it.
Have a great day

Me said...

Jeannine, I look forward to your new blog and congratulations on the wee one in the womb!
Sommer, I'll trade you for a month?
Melissa, Woodstock is south of us and gets a bit milder winter. It'll seem terribly cold to your friends, I'm sure.

Andrea said...

hannah, i couldn't have said it better myself. God has us in NY, and I don't love the winters nor politics, but this is where He has us. amen?