Friday, November 21

The Mother Letter Project

A thoughtful husband is creating Christmas for his wife. Here is my contribution:

Why has the tradition of passing wisdom from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother to granddaughter seem to simply have vanished? I've asked myself this question many times over my years as a Mama. During those nights when the first baby and I were struggling to breastfeed with sore nipples, when the siblings quarrel and I cannot convince them to stop, or that time when we were told our third child might only live a few months. My great grandmother buried a few of her children and resiliently carried on, birthing more, living fully, joyfully. Where was all that wisdom left, lost?

For years I wished and wanted and waited for the wisdom collected by the women who have done all this before. Surely, I thought, someone would see how alone I was in this title of mother and offer the strength of their wisdom. And as the years passed, little by little I found and collected nuggets, by God's grace, thankful in retrospect for the experiences that wrought each one.

I'm still young by most standards. Five children create the joyful mayhem of our home and I do hope for more voices to join the chorus. Folks often ask me if it is hard or difficult being a mother. "Just busy", I usually say. Endlessly, joyfully busy. Too quickly the time passes...

Young mothers, new mothers, mothers of many and mothers of one often find welcome in our home, amidst laundry to be folded, bread to be baked, school lessons to be taught, and a floor that is almost perpetually crunchy. And though I'm quiet by nature I talk. We talk. Telling the secrets of breastfeeding, the trust that comes in times of suffering, of hope (our third child is four and well!), of peace tactics and negotiations with toddlers, of recipes and husbands. "Ha! Ha!", I think, "the end to missing wisdom has come", as we discuss birth positions and politics and God and diaper rash in rapid sentences between baby burps and multiplication tables.

Mother, be encouraged. God equips all those He calls. Be the encouragement. Pass on to the next a hearty plateful of wisdom.


Join in! Read about the Mother Letter project here!


Andrea said...

wow, hannah. I needed that letter. thanks.

Kate said...

Beautiful; I wish I had you or someone like you in my real-world life. I'm glad I found your blog.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

You are a thoughtful and generous woman. Your blog enables even more mothers, women and wives to share your insight. Thank you.

Phase II said...

thanks for responding...Its a small world isnt it. Originally my family and I were from Maine and I do miss the ocean by Central NY is nice the mountains are beautiful in any season. It was and continues to snow here and yes by January i am tired of it as well.
have a great day