Wednesday, December 3

Missional Hearts, missional living

I love our sweet old house and the wind whipping down the back fields into our yard of trees, ruffling chicken feathers and moody rooster feathers. I love the row of ducks waddling along the driveway, intent on making their morning sojourn to the puddles left by last night's rain. It is a happy, peaceful, busy life. And we want to leave it all behind. Soon.

Sean and I have always longed for this land of the free and the brave to not be our home.
He has spent a lot of time in Germany, speaks fluent German, so we thought, "Let's go to Germany!" But the whole German thing has been pretty vision-less. What would we do there? Start yet another church? There are plenty of good folks doing just that. The whole being put into prison for homeschooling has kind of put a damper on Germany. A wet, soggy sock kind of damper. Yuck.

Our hearts tend to fall into the working with families niche with a heavy compassion for children. We love being lay pastors in our local church. Love opening our home. Love seeing families and marriages strengthened through the power of God's Word. Love it, love it, love it. I've fallen into the habit this year of having a younger wife or mother over on a weekly basis. It is sometimes hard but it has been great and always worth the effort. At least two or three times a week people are here. It is good for my housecleaning routine in general and I've gotten really, really good at hiding laundry.

Sean and I believe in missional living, living intentionally, making the most out of every opportunity to share God's love. Sean views his small company not just as a way to provide for our family but as a resource for giving and an in into the community we live in.

Now the scheming continues. "Can we figure out how quickly we can have this house ready to sell?" I asked Sean this afternoon as he wrapped his arms around me and asked what was making me so quiet. The times after I spend in prayer I feel this the heaviest. Sometimes I want to put my hands over my ears and not "hear" any more.

The house is overwhelming, a huge project, and I feel my heart palpitate faster as the mental list of what needs to be done adds up. Selling it to DIY'ers ready to dig in would be fantastic! But there are rooms to be finished, a roof to be put on, exterior painting to be done, a new furnace to be installed... I really hate being tied to a house.

Neither of us want to raise our children in a have-it-all society, focused on the joys of Disney, placated by TV shows, caught up in a culture that has nothing profitable to offer. I want them to see other children with needs and the joy of being part of a solution. I want them to experience need for themselves and experience the joy God supplies in the midst of it. Our American lives are too cushy.

Where will we go? I have no idea. Somewhere where God can use a mother who can butcher a chicken and a husband who can build/fix anything. Only God knows. I'm sure He does.
So if you feel the urge to pray for the Cultivating Home crew, pray that God would lead us and guide us and prepare our way financially, even now preparing a buyer for our house. It is in His hands.

Have a peaceful night,


FrugalFamily said...

Wow Hannah!! I will be in prayer for the entire "Cultivating Home Crew"(as you sweetly titled your family:)

It will be so wonderful to see what the Lord has in store for y'all. The fact that the 2 of you are so open & willing to go wherever He leads is so beautiful & so very touching(& convicting, I might add!).

We REALLY need a marriage & family revival right here in America. So who knows, maybe you'll stay in the country....if so then maybe, just maybe He'll lead you right on down here to TN!!!

Regardless of "where" where is, I know y'all will go & will be such a blessing to ALL, just like you've been/still are right here in cyberspace.

Thank you for speaking from the heart on your blog. It will be an honor to pray for your specific situation.

We'll look forward to updates as time goes by!

Anonymous said...

I know yours and Sean desire since I know you. We are praying for you to hear the Lord.
You know our situation and how we moved. Remember that God was totally in it and it was easy. We did nothing. I also knew that we were going to move, but that took 8 years to happen. After a while I figured that I didn't have control of the situation but He did and that is how things finally got done.
At a home group one time we put mustard seeds into a small envelope and wrote on a piece of paper what we were believing for. On the outside it simply said faith. Only I knew what it said and put it on the refrigrator. Everyday when I would open the door I would be reminded to put at His feet. It still took 2 more years but it happened excatly how I wrote it down. That is how I knew it was God.
He is faithful and He knows your hearts and I know that He will put this awesome family in the right place at the right time.
Love you guys,

Me said...

Hi Frugal Family,

We do want to be very careful that we don't miss out on what God has for us to do here in the meantime. We love your prayers for us! Our passion for families isn't limited to the mission field, though we feel a strong pull in that direction. There are a few things in the works right no: another marriage small group in our home, the possibility of doing focused marriage nights in our church,and a book on building a functional family, which is interesting to write between five kiddos and a keyboard missing two letters!

Anonymous said...

I think the question ends up being more where not to go. Of course, with you butchering chickens and Sean's handyman skills, I have to admit, probably unsurprisingly, my mind went to Romania. But, as you know, God will reveal and open the doors as you take the steps of faith to prepare.

I think we have the same heart in so many ways, tho' perhaps we express it differently. Love you and praying for you!

goddessof4 said...

Hi Hannah!! As a fellow homeschooler and also having clients in my home a couple days a week,I know how hard it is to keep a clean house.I have 4 kids.It seems all our spare time is cleaning!!!! I know you will be led to the right place for your family!!!! In the mean time enjoy that fabulous kitchen!!!!! Your home is gorgeous!!!

Kate said...

I am praying for you and your family, I pray that God will lead you to a place in need of you. I do agree with Marissa that America is in need of marriage and family mentors like you. Thank you for sharing you life and ministry with all of us. I know it has been an inspiration in my life. And I hope that where you land has internet access, so you can continue sharing with us all.
Peace and Thanks,

Me said...

Katie, I agree on the "where not to go" statement! One thing that struck me when Bill Wilson (google him) was here is that he said for years while we've been flying to the mission field, we've been flying over the mission field to get there. Sean and I really don't want to miss what we are supposed to be doing here.
Yes, I agree, we have the same heart.

Marissa, I know that when the time comes, it will be God orchestrating things because my mind fills with so many obstacles in the way. Only He could do this!

Goddess, I warn people coming over that we have a large family and that our home is very lived in. I used to go nuts trying to tidy everything but the truth is life happens here everyday and its going to look like it. I'm getting better at not being so anal about it!

Kate, thank you for your prayers. I am hoping for continued internet access too!

Sommer said...

Hannah~I will be praying for God's Will and working in your lives. I know He will open the perfect doors in your life and there will be no doubt as to the creator of the idea:-)

God's blessing to you,

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I am so blessed with 3 daughters who care so much more for the spiritual health of the lost and weak than they do for living the "American Dream"!

As the Lord leads you to focus in on the next step for your family - know that I will be continuing to uphold you in prayer.

I read your blog this morning and all I could think was that you voice the longing and cry in my heart that took me out of my comfort zone over a year ago and plopped me down into an inner city ministry - me - the country girl with chickens in her backyard and more garden and less lawn each year!

Love you and am so very proud of what your family allows God to do with you! Mom

theresesophia said...

I will be praying as well. We don't "know" each other but you have written the very thoughts of my heart. It has been put upon our hearts to to move in a similar path, as well. Perhaps somewhere down our paths, they will cross and we can share our incredible journeys.

Kim said...

God has you where he wants you. He knows your heart and He knows your desire is to serve him. Your job may be right where you are for this "season".

I believe families are under assault. Women are lead to believe they can "have it all". Many women are pulled in two directions. Men aren't leading their families and feel inadequate. Children are not cared for. Children are a liability rather than a gift from God. Many families are in financial debt.

If you can be a blessing to marriages you are doing a great service. Titus 2 women are lacking in many churches. I think you are right where God wants you to be. You and Sean have a great ministry just by being married, biblically disciplining in love, and raising children to love and honor God. I'll be praying that God will lead and give you peace.

Karen G. said...

I see the work that you and Sean are doing with your family and with others and I know that many have been blessed by what you do and the testimony you live. Praying that God leads and directs you in His will - I know that you are listening - and that your lives will be "moved" in His time. I miss you already! :)

Christina said...

I will be praying with you during this journey. My bil and sil will be going to Brazil one day as missionaries. They still have a ways to go, but they, like you, are busy serving while here.

I would also like to thank you for commenting on my "hamburger meat" post. If you have a moment sometime we would enjoy having your recipe for the homemade hamburger helper.

Joy said...

What a beautiful post, Hannah! I will be praying for you to know the Lord's will for your family.

Mother Letter said...

I know a place...


Me said...

Thank you, Sommer, for your prayers on behalf of our family.
Mom, I guess you'll have to get a passport sooner or later, right?
TherO, it is good to hear God putting this urging on other hearts as well.
Kim, I don't doubt for a moment that we are fulfilling a specific purpose in Gods plan in the here and now. We are living fully to that effect. I do see God calling and challenging us out of our comfort zone. We are very comfortable here, perhaps too comfortable.
Thank you, Karen. I will miss everyone here when the time comes too.
Christina, I'll try to get you that recipe this week. It is delicious ad quick!
Thank you, Joy!
Danny, do tell!

Anonymous said...


As I read your blog post I felt something inside me go "wow!"

We have held our dreams to go (return) to Germany in focus for the last 2 years.

Preparing ourselves as you are, by working on the house etc, and wondering what God may have for us there.

As the homeschooling situation etc becomes more dangerous it seems that our dreams have faded, and that it will take nothing short of a double miracle, for finances and protection.

Discovering that you have these same desires eases that sadness, and I feel as if I pass the baton onto someone with a fresh hope.

May God bless you and prepare your path.

Jen said...

Wow!! I will surley pray-- what you said about the culture, yeah the Lord has been laying that on my heart a ton lately.
In fact your blog, amoung other things has really been instrumental in guiding me to that change in mindset. We left Montana about a year and a half ago to be closer to family. However, I have really been longing for the simplicity and ruggedness that we left behind. I feel like the cuture is to loud here.... from what I've hear (went to school with a girl from Germany) Western MT looks similar:) I would love to go to a church where you and your husband were leaders.... Missoula needs a good church??! :)

Lexa said...

Hannah, I found your blog because I'm getting ready to butcher some Broliers and needed info. But I have to say, I connected to this particular blog post. Trying to figure out God's plan for each of us is part of the adventure of life, and I just sometimes wish he would just say "This is the thing you need to do" Loud and Clear. For me, its sometimes more vague, and when i have the decision to make, It's "Either choice is a good one, it's YOUR choice"

I love our free agency and the choices we have here in America, so living in another country doesn't appeal to me, but experiences other places inside of America does. May God bless you with the wisdom to make the best decision for your family.