Thursday, November 13

Early storm and the life of a tree

A few weeks ago we had a heavy rain followed by a quick freeze and snowstorm (all in an eight hour period) resulting in a lot of broken branches and the halfway demolition of this sugar maple in our yard.Sad, sad, sad. . .
I am a softy. I love old farm trees lining the sides if country roads, sap for syrup, shade in the August heat. So, yes, the dying of our old maples hurts. This is the second falling of a major bough this year and I am already planning on a replanting in spring of trees along the road. It is my only consolation.

Sunday, also known as "the day before the boy swallowed the coin", was wet and chilly. We all bundled up after a big pancake breakfast and headed out of doors, Papa with his chain saws and wee ones with their mittens and hoods.

Most of the tree is stacked now and piled to dry for next years firewood. It seems the long day of dampness and work was a bit too much for our peanuts who were getting over colds. We are now hunkered down with quilts and tea and echinacea and good, long movies while the flu runs it's course. Hopefully that course bypasses me! I'm off to the library to restock the movie supply.
Have a peaceful night,


Kate said...

Its sad to see such a beautiful old tree die, I hope it keeps your family warm next winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
I don't remember how I happened upon your blog but, I find it a source of peaceful encouragement. I have 3 boys and much drama and I appreciate your stories and heart for the Lord.
Michelle in Oregon

goddessof4 said...

At least you are recycling the wood and using it for firewood!!!! We have to buy ours!!!! I wish we had a big tree in our yard( hey ,I wish I had a yard -ours is small) I have a cute swing my hubby made for me at our last house waiting in the garage.......someday we will put it up again!!!! ....Sara

Me said...

Mrs. Kaos, it is sad, isn't it? I look forward to its warmth next year.

Michelle, thank you for being friendly and commenting. i am always amazed that anyone outside our little devoted circle of family and friends stops by! May God bless and strengthen you as you raise those boys of yours!

Goddess, we also buy most of our firewood. This winter is supposed to be a particularly cold one here and so we have 35 or so face cord piled out back. For a winter's worth of wood we pay the equivalent of one month of heating oil so it is so worth it. It is nice, after living in the city with a postage stamp sized yard to have a park like one now with trees! I wish the same for you!

mandi said...

snow!?! can you believe it was in the upper 80's down here in central texas? my kids were looking at your pix wistfully...ok, let's be honest, we ALL were!

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader to your blog, but enjoy it immensely. You have such a comforting way about you that is evident in your writing. I am holding up your family in prayer and hope they are well soon. Happy writing!

Me said...

Mandi, we'll all gladly trade a day of weather! The snow is gone and we're enjoying a mild winter so far with temps from 40-60.

Gwen, thank you for your prayers. I think we're beginning to turn the corner on health with just one kiddo sick. We usually try to quarantine a kid as soon as they feel ill. We cozy them up on the library couch with books, tea and movies but we didn't do that well this time! It really does work! So we all have heartier immune systems now for winter!