Thursday, November 6

Apple Party Day!

For two mornings the children have tagged along behind me as we lugged buckets and wagon and bins and ladder to pick the remainder of fruit from a few of our apple trees, not wanting any to be wasted. This morning the driveway filled with cars and vans, mothers unloading their kiddos and empty baking dishes and containers. Friends!

(rustic apple pie)

Four hours.
Endless (seemingly) bushels of three varieties of country apples.
Eighteen kiddos.
Adoption talk.
Duck and chicken chasing by the small ones.
Container upon container upon container of applesauce.
Seven Rustic Apple Pies.
Birth stories and "top that!" birth weights (10lbs 1 ounce, I believe).
Eight pans of apple crisp.
Shared parenting wisdom.

A very successful first Apple Party Day!

Rustic Apple Pie

mix together 1 cup flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/3 cup shortening/butter/lard, and three tbsp of cold water. Roll into a large circle on wax paper.

Peel, core and slice 4-6 large apples and mix with 1/3 cup brown sugar and 1/3 cup flour.
Flip dough onto cookie sheet and place apple mixture in the center. Fold sides of dough up over the apples.

Bake at 425 for 30 minutes.



Tesa said...

What a beautiful, joyous day! We do not have any apple trees on our property (yet!) but I have been blessed by others with loads of apples this year. I have made pies for the freezer, applesauce for the kiddos, and apple butter for gift giving. Next, I want to try your recipe for Rustic Apple Pie! Sounds delish.

Anonymous said...

I would have won that 'top that' birth first was 11 lb 11 oz!

The Rustic Apple Pie looks amazing; thanks for the recipe!

Me said...

Tesa, even after all that this morning, I am still sitting here with a bushel or so of apples left over. I think we'll be doing more apple butter in the crockpot.

Anonymous- wow! You poor thing!

Sommer said...


Sounds like a very lovely time! Quick question, do you mean 1/3 cup of each...shortening/butter/lard or should we pick which one we prefer?


Me said...

Pick whichever you prefer Sommer, or a little of each! I like to use a combo of butter and lard. Butter makes it tasty and a bit of lard makes it flaky!

amy said...

So lovely! I have a ton of apples left from the boxes we were given and I will definitely be trying that recipe. I know my husband will love it. Thank you!

Farrah said...

How fun!
I just love your black and white photos. Do you do that on photobucket?

Sommer said...

Thanks Hannah! :-)

Lots of love,

Karen G. said...

I just bought some apples from the orchard yesterday. Maybe I'll try your rustic pie. Thanks for the recipe. Your apple day looks like a lot of fun. What a nice day you had weather-wise too!

Pam said...

I would love to take a field trip and visit the Erie Canal site you mentioned. How fun!

So fun that you are working with apples! I have quite a few too and am planning to make pies today with some of them to pop in the freezer. I love this season!

annamae said...

looks like a lovely day full of friendship and laughter, loved looking at the photographs! why does everything look so lovely in black and white? :)