Monday, October 13

The Woodstove

Match to paper on a damp fall morning
A quick, deliberate crumpling and placing
Lean-to twigs placed round and over
Damper open for sending sparks
A soft blow and another again
Wooden fortress ablaze and falling inward
Taken from small hands,
a log from the porch
split and seasoned
added to flame
A rush, a whir, a steady crackle
Damper pulled tight

the glass closed
Heat abiding.


Lynn Hasty said...

Beautiful post, Hannah. I can see it so well.

I would love to sit by that fire with you, talking about babies and children's books and nature and life.


Anonymous said...

Children are a blessing from the Lord....Pictures of your children are so sweet.
Your little blonde guy looks a little ornary!! I have one of those at my home,too.

By the way, where did your get your metal table? I really like it.

Resting in Him,

Me said...

Wouldn't that be nice Lynn!
Kim, the table is my Dad's. He got it and four matchy chairs at an antique mill, pretty cheap. The little blond was actually having a good day!