Sunday, October 26

Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu
Sun am – coffee, milk, overnight oatmeal (crock pot)
Lunch – pita sandwiches, apple, fruit leather
Dinner -venison burgers with Grandma’s special sauce, peas and beans, homemade wheat bread with butter
Dessert – chips/salsa, peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Mon am – omelet, chocolate milk
Lunch – peanut butter and banana sandwiches
Dinner – fish, roasted potatoes with olive oil, salt, cracked pepper

Tues am – farina
Lunch – quesadillas, salad, applesauce, wheat germ cookies
Dinner – Greek spaghetti, garlic bread
Bake bread

Wed am – farina
Lunch – cheese soldiers, cookies, apples
Dinner – twice baked potatoes, apple bars

Make chex mix

Thursday am – hash browns, eggs
Lunch – happy plates
Dinner – uncured pepperoni roll, salad
Popped corn
Apple crisp

Fri am - overnight oatmeal (crockpot)
Co-op Lessons!
Lunch – yogurt, carrot sticks
Dinner- (Eleanor)
Roasted chicken with potatoes, parsnips and carrots
Apple wrapper pie

Sat am – pancakes
Lunch – grilled goat cheese sandiches
Dinner – pizza rolls


Lynn Hasty said...

Overnight oatmeal is also on my list this week! I enjoy reading and posting weekly menus and have planned to do the same here today.

I love the picture. Very sweet.

Lynn :)

Lynn Hasty said...

PS - Hannah... Too funny, we also had venison burgers, but ours were Saturday night.

Kit said...

Hannah, how do you do your overnight oatmeal? This sounds like something I need to start doing. Also, what is farina? Just curious. Thanks for sharing!

Renee said...

I also would like to know the overnight oatmeal crock pot recipe.


Anonymous said...

You set a great example! When I forget to plan (as sadly this week), meals are so dull! (And food shop is expensive!)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for the past week or so and have been amazed by the grace in your everyday life.
I am not yet a wife, nor a mother. My mother was fairly distant throughout my childhood and I am not close to my siblings. It hurts me and I am trying to make more of an effort to reach out.
I would love to learn how to sew and bake, but have no one to really show me. You mentioned that your upbringing was lacking in some areas--how did you become so graceful? Can you give some tips or write a post for younger women? Thank you.

Leonard said...

Hey ! I really like your blog. It's funny and personal. If you want to, check out mine at , and read my "One Family" story, make a comment and/or an entry in my guestbook! I'd really appreciate it.

Eleanor Joyce said...

Hi there - back several months ago I made bagels following your tutorial. Currently I am working on producing a free downloadable E-Book from our soon-to-be-up-and-running website I'd like to include a link to your blog and the bagel tutorial. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me
ejoyce(at)thehomeschoolmagazine(dot)com. Eleanor Joyce - Marketing Editor, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine