Monday, October 20

Weekly menu

Weekly Menu

Sun am – orange Julius, apple coffee cake

(Eleanor for dinner)

Dinner – roasted chicken, cornbread, veggies

Dessert – sour cream apple pie

Mon am – omelet, o.j.

Lunch – pizza, apple slices with peanut butter

Dinner – fish, roasted potatoes with olive oil, salt, cracked pepper

Tues am – farina

Lunch – leftover pasta, garlic bread

Dinner – huevo rancheros with avocado, apple crisp

Bake bread

Wed am – farina

Lunch – egg salad sandwiches, cookies, apples

Dinner – spinach salad with bacon dressing, warm bread and butter

Thursday am – apple sauce muffins

(Invite Kim and her girls over)

Lunch – sandwiches

Dinner – broccoli soup with cheddar cheese



Jewish Apple Cake

Fri am - kashi with fruit

Co-op Lessons!

Lunch – yogurt with honey, carrot sticks

Dinner- Sean’s business dinner

kids (mac and cheese)

Sat am – blueberry pancakes

Lunch – salad, grilled cheese

Dinner – twice baked potatoes


Jen said...

Do you plan all that out, or does it just flow?

anya* said...

mmmm. Looks delicious. Do you purposefully try to eat several meatless dishes a week?

Your family is beautiful, and the pictures of your new kitchen are just gorgeous!

Anne Marie said...

Very nice blog-
in fact, I found you after looking what to do with my piano that I want to move so badly! you came up with 'piano decorating'-
I too, have 5 kids and one awesome husband!
Blessings! and will return to chat latter!
Anne Marie