Monday, October 6

Weekly Menu Plan and Fair Warning

Sunday am - banana muffins with mini chocolate chips, coffee, tea
Lunch - out for lunch at a birthday party
Dinner - tomato pie

Monday am - farina with brown sugar, chamomile tea
Lunch - Flower shaped pasta with butter, onion and thyme
Birthday party cupcakes (thanks, Melissa, for sending the health quota of today's menu down the tube ;)
Dinner - Chili cheese casserole with cornbread
Fresh salad
Mulled cider, apple cake

Tuesday am - scrambled duck eggs with bacon and cheddar
Bake Bread!
Lunch - veggies and dip, wheat bread with peanut butter and honey
Dinner - beef stew with garden potatoes and carrots, salad

Wednesday - moist blueberry muffins, grapes, juice
Lunch - pb & j, carrot sticks
Dinner - moussaka, salad

Thursday am - cereal (kashi) with bananas
Lunch - pasta salad, wheat germ cookies
Dinner - goat cheese quiches, sauteed green beans with garlic and kosher salt

Small Group!
mulled cider
apple wrapper pies
popped corn

Friday am - buttermilk pancakes, milk
Co-op lesson sign ups!
Lunch - yogurt with pears and granola
Dinner - roasted chicken over garden potatoes, steamed carrots and celery
Laisy Daisy cake

Saturday am - Sean's oatmeal
Library Sale Begins
Sean - hunting
Lunch - grilled ham and cheese
Dinner - Chicken soup, flaky biscuits

And last but not least is fair warning that the next posting will be a photo essay on how to butcher a chicken. Or nine chickens. Cause that's what we did yesterday. And it is done. Hallelujah.
It won't be a pretty black and white, hide the guts portrayal like last years. There will be intestines and blood and hot, stinky, wet feathers and crops. There. You are warned. So put on your tough girl boots. Hope to see you there.


New Mom said...

I'm sorry, I am not yet tough enough to see that. I'm already on the verge of converting to
?vegetarianism? and I fear that your post may be just what takes me over the edge! For some reason, chicken grosses me out when I'm pregnant! But good for you, that your family gets real free range chicken with no growth hormones! I'll be back when the slaughterings done :P

Anonymous said...

Hannah,I can just picture you and Sean up to your elbows in chicken guts and feathers - patiently teaching your little kiddos! When I attended a little college in PA we'd get hundreds of live chickens at a time and all the students, including me, had a "time of fellowship" over butchering, plucking and gutting the little fellows. Perhaps that's why Mr. Perdue, with his boneless, skinless chicken breast, became my hero:) You guys are the best and I can't wait to hear your kid's take on what they learned. They are as sweet and refreshing as their mama and papa. God bless you all.

Unknown said...

Okay so I wont be checking in tomorrow.. :) BTW.. The post below is beautiful!

amy said...

I am actually very excited about this. We plan on getting our own chickens when we get our house, so this will be educational for me!