Wednesday, October 15


I am sitting here in my cozy kitchen chair, a bit under the weather. What wonderful smells are coming my way as I watch!Kaelin is cooking a rendition of this recipe. Bright red onions, leeks, and celery are sizzling ever so gently in butter and the aroma is . . . mmm.
Sean is standing over the stove, which the gas company finally hooked up yesterday, frying some small purple potatoes with goat cheese.

I didn't grow this pretty variety, they came from my Dad's elaborate veggie gardens, which simply just sprawl row upon row, so bountiful and lovely. I've tucked some of them away to use as seed potatoes next spring. Can't wait!

The photos two posts ago were all from our Sunday trip to visit my Dad and stepmom, Pam. I dug potatoes while Sean lent a hand building a garage/chicken coop with my Dad and step brother. The children ran, which children love to do, chasing cats and kittens, and then greedily inhaling every morsel Grandma put in front of them.

Back in our happy kitchen now, peanut Catherine is telling Papa about her day and confessing that she was naughty (her words!) for the babysitter last night, purging her soul, I suppose :) and relaying how she got out of bed many times last night while Sean and I were out at a favorite Japanese restaurant, enjoying sushi and miso soup and discussing our five year plan which we've been steadily praying about.

Kaelin's sweet potato soup, which she is so proud to have made by herself with a teeny bit of help, is simmering on the back burner, just to be pureed and some yogurt added.
Also on the menu is some venison tenderloin, fresh from a doe Sean shot last Saturday.
Isn't it so nice that everyone is cooking beautiful food for me tonight?

Earlier today the kiddos and I dipped fall leaves into some melted beeswax, painted rocks, made a batch (should have doubled it) of Grandma Johnson's oatmeal raisin cookies.

We sat in our cozy, almost finished kitchen and ate warm cookies, I reading from some of our favorite books, Wisdom and the Millers. a newly acquired book from the library, absolutely ancient but adorable on etiquette for children, and our science lesson for the day on leaf cutter bees from this book.

Now the day is closing, Papa has come home, a delicious dinner cooked, a beautiful table lain - this by Kaelin too, who is busy chit-chatting all the happy while, trying to convince me she is big enough to make dinner (lunch too!) every single day. Yes, every single day, she says. The boys have rough and tumbled their way outdoors, soon to be called in for washing.

After supper Papa will take the older boys out meandering over the farmer's fields, searching hedge rows and under scraggly apple trees for where the deer trod. Bow season begins here soon and I am very thankful for good meat in the freezer.
Have a beautiful night,


Annie said...

I love this blog.

Danielle said...

for the record...I only heard Catherine once and that was because she got up to turn on the light (not sure why) but that is the only thing i heard from upstairs...but thats really funny that she confessed to something i really dont recall!ha Love you guys -Babysitter-
AKA: Danielle

Sarah said...

Lovely photos and such a pretty, delicious looking meal! How nice to have it cooked for you! :)

Sandy said...

Beautiful Hannah! We have very similar missions w/our gardens, cooking, families ... I can just tell!
Meredith sent me your way ...

Meredith said...

Sorry about the mix up! I'm not workin' on much sleep. I corrected to bluestone and added a link to the renovation blog.

I really do love your kitchen!

Kimmie said...

What a beautiful family you have, I can tell you know that God has blessed you with 'treasures.' Thank you for sharing them with me today...God bless you.

What does a 5 year plan look like for you? My Knight talk a lot about the future and what we feel God is calling us to...but have never formally laid it out...I'd be curious to hear more about it.

bless you
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted