Thursday, October 9


A friend, who happens to be our babysitter's mother, sent me a message the other night.

It included something sincere which caused me to pause and take a deep and refreshing breath.

It was her personal prayer for me as a mother. I thought, what a beautiful thing, so refreshing to read. Her written words were soothing and encouraging.

She is a busy woman, with a million important things going on in her life.
My friend Diane was over last week and prayed for me too.

I think sometimes prayer is underrated.

We see someone's need and say, "I'm praying for you" because it is the easiest, least awkward, but well intentioned thing to say.

If someone like Diane says this to you, you are one lucky person. Diane is an awesome prayer warrior. Meaning she knows how to pray and believe for great things.

Her life is bathed in prayer. I know this because I know her life and I've seen the results of her prayers first hand!

Diane's mom is in a terrible amount of pain right now from cancer. Would you say a prayer for her? For God's healing and peace...

I read the first verses of Philemon in the Bible and Philemon's request, "...refresh my heart in Christ" and thought of these women and their prayers.

Refreshing, life giving prayers.

I always try to be very careful with what I speak regarding motherhood.

I never want to be complaining and give my children (or anyone in society) the idea that my children are a burden.

Our children are a great joy.

Getting up in the middle of the night is tiring, even with your children being a joy, a gift, a blessing.
Can I have an "Amen"?

So prayers for strength and wisdom - I really appreciate those in this season.

I Thessalonians speaks of encouraging others and I believe our prayers can do this.
This is what I felt after these women's prayers.


So thank you, Diane and Laurie. I feel so blessed.


Jennifer said...

BEE utiful Pictures! Thanks for sharing. I too try and speak positively about motherhood. Little ears are also listening and I would not want them to mistake a bad day to mean that they are not the treasures that they are to me.

Andrea said...

That is so beautiful.
I think it's so important to pray for others no matter our own circumstances. But to *tell* others you are praying for them, or even better come to their house or write out a prayer for them is even better! You are blessed, hannah!

mandi said...

you have a beautiful family and blog! your recent post (i've been scrolling through the old ones too!) was such and encouragement. i'm adding you to my favorites!

(btw- your home is amazing- great work on the kitchen!)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!! So true!! Thank you for the encouraging usual!! :)

Renee said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the great encouragement. With three little ones I find myself very tired by bed time. I need prayer and encouragement as well. Thanks:)


Me said...

I completely agree, Jennifer!

Andrea, I think praying for others helps us not to dwell on our own circumstances. So true.

Thank you, Mandie.

Hi Christy! Thanks.

Renee, I know exactly how you fee. By the time I fall into bed, I am wiped!