Wednesday, October 1

Cultivating Birthday Traditions

In our home, birthdays are a lot of fun!

Because we value life and we value family, we view birthdays as a great opportunity to emphasize how special the birthday kiddo is and the gift of their life.

What a blessing Kaelin is to our family! She is an incredible girl, a loving sister, and a very sweet and helpful daughter.

On their birthdays, the boys get taken to breakfast. Just Papa and the birthday boy. Kaelin and Papa went for dessert, because everyone knows girls like to dress up and dressing up after supper to go out at night for dessert is so much more fun than dressing up for breakfast would be!
We save up all the birthday mail, boxes, and gifts for the birthday morning at breakfast time.
This year, Christopher ushered Kaelin downstairs saying, "Look, do you see?" pointing to her presents piled by her seat at the table.

Birthday kiddos also get to choose what meal we all have for dinner.

Kaelin chose Papa's pasta and Mama's sauce.
She rolled and floured and cut alongside her Papa, smiling all the while.

Because eight is great, you know.


Katrina said...

This is great, Hannah. Sounds so simply beautiful. I just have 3 boys but would love to have a daughter some day so that her Daddy could do those special things with her, as well. :)

Jennifer said...

Gleaning some good ideas here!

Anonymous said...

hi hannah,
just discovered this lovely blog of yours! i'm at a funny in-between stage of being a grown up kid (22yrs) but before having my own family... but this family-birthday post made me reminisce wonderfully, and store up more ideas for the future (Godwilling).
All 6 of the birthdays in my family fall before June, so on our half-birthday my Mama (still, even though we're big kids now!) bakes a semicircular cake (a half-cake!) and we celebrate a half-birthday tea! It's so special!
In Christ,

Joy said...

What a nice post, Hannah! I really enjoy your blog, and I love all the photos! What is a blog without photos? :)

We have four children so far (9,7,5 & almost 3), so it's nice to see the happenings of another family with small children.