Wednesday, September 10

Won't you join us for a walk?

Hello! I'm Catherine.
I'm two and I told Papa I wanted to go for a walk. He said, "say please, Catherine" so I did. C'mon!

Here I am, down here! This is how I like to walk. I say, "Mama, wait! I Eeeed you!" and Mama waits until I grab her skirt or apron. See? She's got a golf ball in her pocket cause the boys always find them in the field and ask her to carry them for her.

Tonight is a special walk because we've been waiting all summer for the special apples to be ready.
Here's Chase and Mama.

I've still got Mama's skirt. See?

Chase just likes to sit on mama's hip and blow spit bubbles.
He's good at that.
Mama says he was real cranky today and she's wondering if he will be an early teether like I was.

"Look, Mama! The sky! It's gorgeous!"
Mama taught me how to say gorgeous on the long ride back from Rhode Island. I like showing Mama the pretty sky.
Christopher likes looking for the marks left by airplanes in the sky.

Christopher is taking Mama's camera now and running ahead.
Here we are far behind. This is a big field and a big hill!
This is why we came. The yummy apples are ready!
They are my favorite because they taste like a pear and and an apple.
Sooo yummy!

Christopher and Kaelin and Douglas and Papa picked two big bags of apples. I kept Mama busy 'cause of these good spotted apples I eat from the ground. Then we threw them to Bear and Brutus for fetch.

Mama says she'll make a pie with these apples. They are big and yummy!

Bye, bye now! I'm gwonna finish cwunchin dis apfel.


Jack's Mommy said...

I love it! it's so cute to put captions to pictures, using our kids voice. :) i do this type of post a lot with my son's photos, whom was born around the same time as your chase was (I've been reading your blog for about 8 months now!). :)

Diane said...

An interesting quote I found and thought you'd like...."Childhood should be a Journey...Not a race."
Your kids are definitely on a beautiful journey!