Monday, September 29

Weekly menu and a cute baby

Weeky menu

Sun am – orange Julius, zucchini bread

Lunch – roasted chicken, cornbread, veggies

Dessert – apple crisp

Mon am – oat muffins with apple butter

Lunch – risotto, sliced peaches

Dinner – Pollock sandwiches, roasted potatoes with olive oil, salt, cracked pepper

Homemade brownie sundaes

~Make cinnamon rolls

Tues am – cinnamon rolls, milk

Lunch – yogurt, apple slices

Dinner – date night! mac and cheese for kiddos, ice cream cones

Wed am – farina

Lunch – pb&j sandwiches, Rachel's cookies

Dinner – pattypan squash, black bean burgers with Grandma’s sauce

Bake bread

Thursday am – apple sauce, cereal

Lunch – Newmans pizza,

Dinner – French potato salad, ginger turkey burgers


Fresh potato bread and butter, homemade jam



popcorn for kiddos

Fri am - scrambled eggs, fruit

Lunch – yogurt

Dinner- turkey chili

Sat am – pancakes

Lunch – salad, grilled cheese

Dinner – beer beef stew


New Mom said...

It was fun reading your weekly menu. I was a bit suprised at the yogurt for lunch part. I think I'd still be hungry! But maybe you add granola and such to make it more filling?

Me said...

maybe its a northern thing, New Mom, to have yogurt for lunch? Or maybe its just a Hannah thing! We'll snack on fruit,crackers and whatever else is lying around too. The kiddos love yogurt, especially homemade. I like it with honey and granola.

amy said...

I was actually thinking yesterday that I should plan my weekly menu. I used to do it every week and it took so much stress off the rest of the week. Not needing to figure out what you're doing every day, worrying about whether you need to go to the store or not. I didn't do it because it was the twins birthday (I posted about it on my blog), but your post reminded me. I really need to start planning again! Thanks Hannah!

Anonymous said...

A *very* cute baby, and looking more like his siblings with each photo we see! :-)
I've missed seeing your menus, they are always very inspiring!