Tuesday, September 9

We sew for boys too

Christopher doing a sleepy time dance for me in his new airplane pj pants. In a former life this fabric graced the windows of big brother Douglas' nursery window. No pattern necessary, just trace a folded pair of existing pants, cut, sew, and insert elastic into a casing at the waist. Viola! Happy boy.


Lynn Hasty said...

Cool PJ pants! And beautiful wood floor!

I love the egg picture!


Joanna Kristina said...


How cute! Sewing for little girls ~and~ boys is such a fun treat! I love it when I am able to sew for someone little, especially when I know them personally.
I guess we do live relatively near each other considering the size of our state; I live between Rochester and Syracuse.


New Mom said...

What a cute way to recycle curtains!