Tuesday, September 30

Eight is Great!

I am starting to feel old.
My Dad laughed when I told him that and said, "Well, try having a 33 year old child!" (my sister).

I vividly remember being eight and having an eight year old of my own... wow... feel old.

Sean and I have made some birthday traditions with our children and so it was a wonderful, fun day. We go easy on the gifting. You can see the doll cradle before it received some love below. Some might call me cheap, I prefer thrifty, though I heard recycling gifts is trendy now.

Kaelin and her baby dolls were very happy with their new cradle.


Michelle said...

What a great gift!!

I truly love your blog. Thank you!

amy said...

I am totally with you on being thrifty with gifts. That was our big problem with the twins birthday... do we get two of the same thing, or do we get them a couple extra gifts? We decided on getting a few gifts instead of the same thing. We will really have to work on this in years to come!

Sheila said...

The crib looks great. I may not be remembering right, but I think you sew. This is a great and easy pattern for doll diapers that I've been making out of my scrap flannel. My girls are loving them. I've been making them (with interuptions) in 10-15 minutes.


Melissa said...

I love the idea of passing on things formerly used by another. Why does something actually have to just wear out and lose it's life?

It makes me think of our mandate to leave a legacy. Choosing to be wise with what God has given us instills in our children the beautiful quality of being content and also desiring to pass on to others. Thank you for sharing how you and your husband once again choose what matters most over what the world thinks is the right way to do it! Your blog is an encouragement :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Hannah
I am glad I am not the only one who goes easy on the gifting!.

We have family members who give way too much at Christmas time, even when asked not to. We take the gifts the children receive and let the children have one at a time, so that they are spread out throughout the year. That seems to be a way to combat all the "stuff"

~ Shannon said...

We've been a "thrifty" gift-giving family for years; how fun to be in style for once! ;-) The doll cradle is just adorable, and is probably much better quality than something new from the store!

Yours in Christ,

MommaJXS said...

Traditions are so beautiful and will be remembered for the rest of a child's life!