Sunday, September 7

Birthday Boy

Our birthday boy had very specific ideas about how his "I'm four now" birthday cake should be. He is a boy with very specific ideas about how everything in his life should be. For birthday cakes, I'm happy to oblige.

It had to have a tractor trailer on top and strawberries in the middle. Whipped cream would be good too, he thought.
Happy Birthday, little love.


Karen G. said...

Melissa birthday is September 7th and she is now 21. It seems like she was little just yesterday.... She always insists on brownies with a layer of peanut butter and then a layer of fudge. I gladly oblige her. The recipe I have was given to me by my sister in law and is all from scratch. They are delicious and rich - and take some time to make.

Me said...

Karen, that sounds so yummy! You should post the recipe sometime!

Esther said...

what a beautiful cake, it looks wonderful!

Renee said...

What a wonderful looking cake and yummy looking as well:)