Sunday, August 10

A special Sunday - Chase's Baby Dedication!

Three babies were dedicated to the Lord this morning, Chase being one of them. In case anyone is unfamiliar with baby dedications, the Pastor asks us if we will raise our child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, if we will provide for them according to the scriptures, and if we will love and discipline them. The Pastor then prays for the child, asking a blessing and a hedge of protection around him and praying that the child will come to know the Lord at a young age.

If you click on the photos you'll see Chase was loving all the attention!


Kate said...

Is the Dedication done in place of Child Baptism? I know some believe is Adult Baptism and some in Child/Baby Baptism. Thank you.

New Mom said...

I love baby dedications. At our church, they always ask the rest of the congregation to commit themselves to praying for the child and helping his/her parents in bringing these children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I love that we get to be a part of helping teach each other's children what loving God really is. We are all one body and this reminds me of the responsibility we share in raising Godly children, a serious role as well as a privilege.

The children all look adorable, and so does your new haircut-- love it!

Me said...

Hi Mrs. Kaos! We believe baptism follows a personal confession of faith and since Chase isn't able to make that decision yet :) we dedicate his life to the Lord and get busy doing our part to teach him about Gods love so someday he can make that decision and be baptized! Wow! Was that a run on sentence or what! I have a sister who is an English major and she'd kill me!
New Mom, the kids managed to stay pretty clean. Christopher loved the idea of wearing a tie but not the actual wearing it... In that first photo, I just turned around as he was tipping over the pulpit. In front of 800 people. I caught it and pretended nothing had happened. Friends of ours in the front row were rolling with laughter....
Good times!
And, thanks, I'm enjoying the new lighter head of hair! It gets a certain length and I begin to get headaches from the weight since it is so thick.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! I have never been to a church where you raise your hand to the Lord. Our church would lay hands in praying over new pastor or deacon but that is it and done by the other men in leadership in church.

I have felt by the spirit at times to in worship (Praising him through singing and prayer at times)but no one does this at our church. I was raised in a church where we never did this either. I am pretty sure no one would think anything if I did (I am very thankful for my church, preaches his word so faithfully). Perhaps it would be out of order if i did as God is a God of order and in our church we don't worship in that way though id love to.

I guess my whole point in writing this is that I was wondering what doing this means to you and your church if some do this in your church. Thank you and God bless!

Im sorry if this is such a ridiculouse question, I have been raised in a reformed church and go to one now with my dear hubby and kids. I just wonder what this all meant, such leading of the spirit as i at times have felt to do and wonder about it.

Thank you again! =)

Me said...

Anonymous,not a ridiculous question at all!
In those particular photos we were stretching out our arms in prayer towards the babies being dedicated. To me, this is a way to be in agreement with what is being prayed. If I were praying for someone for healing, I would also lay my hands on that person in prayer (Mark 16:18).

During worship, at home or church, I often raise my hands or hand. It is my way of showing surrender to God or adoration and thankfulness. I began looking up the scriptures for you and came across this post:
which I thought was well written.

I appreciate your question! I would definitely follow the leading of Gods spirit on your heart in worship. My grandmother in her eighties goes to a conservative Episcopal church and is the usually the only one raising her hand during the hymns. I think it is a beautiful thing and a good example to all the younger people there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your input on raising hands to the Lord and the link you provided. So very,very helpful for me! =) It was very sweet and kind of you to take the time to do, you are a busy mommy! I really appreciate it!! I am bringing these things before God and follow where he leads.

God continue to bless you and yours abundantly! Your blog is such an encouragement to many!

Elise said...

What great photos!! That littlest girl of yours seems to favor the one holding her. At our church, all the babies are dedicated on Mother's Day. It gets a little crazy, because its a big church.