Saturday, August 16

Family walks

We were a walking family while we still lived on a busy main road in the noisy city. Even in the dead of winter I would bundle up the children, packing the smallest two at the time into a double stroller with eighteen inch wheels.

Out across the snowy sidewalks we went, crossing the roads at the stoplights with our little caravan, making footprints in the powder across the park. Slushing through the parking lots and across a few more streets until we came to a favorite coffee shop with a sign that said small children left unattended would be given an espresso and a puppy to take home.
They loved us there, them with their colorful modern hairdo's and modern thinking.We'd shake the snow off our hats, stomp our feet at the door and burst in to the warmth like frozen things, rubbing our hands to encourage re-circulation.
Around a little table we'd gather with our steaming, frothing mug of hot cocoa, sipping and chatting until warmth flooded us beneath our winter attire. Back out into the snow we'd go, retracing our prints homeward.

I don't miss living in the city. These wide open spaces have spoiled me. Sean and I mention how close the neighbors are here and laugh remembering the spitting distance between our house and the next in the city.

We waited a long time and looked a long time and schemed a long time and prayed a long time to be able to live here. The oldest of ours barely remember those winter walks for hot chocolate.
I'm hoping the sun on their faces, the taste of fresh berries out of the fields, being chased by a rooster, holding soft feathery ducks and stacking wood with their Mama are things they never forget.
I don't doubt that we might live in a city again in the someday of our lives and so I savor this bit of life so much.

I love being able to wear rubber boots as I muck through the garden digging carrots. I love that there is a rooster to chase and swing at when he chases my kids.

I love that no two sunsets are alike and each one is in its own way extraordinary.
I love that our friends come to visit, some thinking we're crazy with our little menagerie of poultry and that this never been a country girl plucks chickens and gives birth at home, but still loving the peace of being here.
I am sure family walks will continue to be a part of our family's identity, whether it be through fields after the rain or through slushy parking lots in a blizzard. I have so much to be thankful for.


New Mom said...

It looks so beautiful and serene. I wouldn't miss the city one bit either! Peaceful simplicity.

mama k said...

just. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh I laughed ... "Espresso and a puppy to take home" ... that is a dire punishment indeed!! I can just imagine.

It amazes me to hear you say, in the midst of your beautiful surroundings, that you may well live in a city again. Only God could effectively pull a person willingly away from such country splendour.

Renee said...

Those are some great pictures. I take the kids for walks most days as well, but I will have to see if I'm brave enough to do it during the winter. Right now our walks are in town, but I hope that sometime in the future we are able to enjoy country life, which is how I grew up. Thanks for the wonderful post:)


Me said...

Renee, you are welcome for the post! It is so wonderful sometimes to just relax and take a walk. Puts everything in perspective!

Me said...

Melissa, since we'd love to serve God overseas if He sees fit, I say that we may live in a city again someday. Only He knows!
One of my reservations of actually moving to the country was that I knew it would be harder to leave someday. It was easy to move out of the city!

Me said...

To God be the glory New Mom and Mama K for the gorgeous scenery!

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, what lovely pictures. I dream of such a place, but I -- exactly like you mentioned -- am trying to do what I can do where I am currently. Bloom where I'm planted, I suppose. So we walk through our little neighborhood and enjoy the houses and old trees.

I love the picture of Sean holding the baby and the two boys looking up. He must be teaching them something.


Me said...

Hi Lynn,

The boys and Sean were looking for a particular apple tree on the hedge line that we remembered from last year. Those trees haven't been pruned in decades but this one tree grew the most delicious yellow apples that tasted like a mix between an apple and a pear. They found the tree and the apples will be ripe in a few weeks, I think.

As far as teaching them, Sean is great at teaching them to identify leaves and trees. Douglas knows more about trees than I do from listening to his Papa. Give him a leaf or show him some bark and he'll tell you what kind of tree it is!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Great pictures!

Many blessings..

Unknown said...

Country livin' spoils ya! That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I know your pictures are your family record of your days together, but honestly, some of them are so beautiful I'd love to have them framed on my wall! I especially love the picture of your sweet little girl reaching for something in the field with the sun setting behind her - third from the bottom. A work of art!

Little Natural Cottage said...

Love the pictures, Hannah. My husband and I have been dreaming, scheming, saving, and praying for several years now, and are about to make our first move to the country! I'm ready for those leisurely walks through fields and the mesmerizing sunsets...

Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage