Sunday, August 31

The Beach

We got away for two days. Seven people in one hotel room is always an adventure. Sean, Chase and I in the king sized bed, Christopher in a made up bed under the desk, Kaelin and Douglas in the pull out sofa and little miss Catherine on a made up bed of sofa cushions beside me on the floor (in case anyone wonders!). We had a blast exploring beaches and lighthouses and windmill and three trips to Whole Foods. Many, many hours of driving later, we are so happy to be home. What a wonderful time we had!
This boy turns FOUR tomorrow. Be still my thankful heart.


Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, glad to see you back!! What pretty pictures. The little one's own personality is starting to really shine in his little face! He looks very curious, but rather laid back. :)

The rose hips look so good. I made rose hips jelly one year. It was very delicious.


Karen G. said...

What great pictures and what a testimony that your little will be four! God is great. I would like to know where you traveled to. It looks like a place that I'd like to visit....

Andrea said...

I'm surprised they let you in one room!!
We always have trouble finding just ONE ROOM with our 6!

Becky said...

Beavertail...RI? I grew up in Providence!
Sounds like your family had a wonderful trip - what a blessing!

Me said...

Hi Lynn,
I would have loved to pick all the rose hips I saw! They were so proficient and beautiful.
Chase is a very laid back baby!
Karen, we went to the coast of Rhode Island. It was beautiful!
Adrea, we actually never told them how many of us there were. Sean just told them he was traveling with his family and needed a room with a pull out sofa. We follow the don't volunteer our numbers unless asked policy!
ChinaMama, Rhode Island is beautiful! I wouldn't mind living there at all!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the monkey backpack- the tail totally makes it. I know a little of what it is like when the 'special' child reaches another birthday. It's time to remember, to smile, and praise the LORD for one more year. Good stuff.

Hannah said...

Gorgeous pictures...sounds like a wonderful family vacation!

~ Shannon said...

Chase is only getting more adorable (if that's possible!). It looks like your family had a splendid time on vacation -- the pictures, as usual, are lovely and refreshing!

Yours in Christ,

Pam said...

How lovely to get away! It looks like you had a fabulous time. Those make-up beds in the hotel rooms are often the most exciting and comfiest for the wee ones!! :>

Kim said...

I have something over at my blog for you. :)

Me said...

Valerie, thanks for stopping by! Has that little one arrived yet?
Hannah, were you the only Hannah growing up? I never knew anyone with our name when I was small and now it is so popular!
Shannon and Pam, thanks for the kind comments and for stopping by!
Kim, thank you for the bloggie kudos. I don't usually post them but I do appreciate the kind thoughts!