Thursday, July 17

Rules and chicken poop

We don't have an overabundance of "rules" in our home; things go pretty smoothly as long as there's a general current of obedience, respect, and love.

But in the van, we have rules. The close quarters and many children necessitate them.

We call them the P.I.K. rules.
P - Peacemakers, not peace breakers. This covers a multitude of offenses.
I - Inside voices.
K - Keep your hands to yourself; keep your whole self to yourself.
This started off as just keep your hands to yourself until our creative kids realized they could head bop each other or do a judo like move that involves a quick extension of ones lower limb across two seats to the intended target of little brother.

We do a quick review of the PIK rules upon seat belting. Things are much calmer...

Now I must run because one miffed little brother has just threatened to throw another brother in a pile of chicken poop.


Becky said...

I love it! Short, sweet, and quick and easy to review with the little ones! I especially appreciate the "K" rule. Recently heard from the back of my van: "Mom, she's breathing on me!!!!!" K = Keep your breath to yourself! :)

angie said...


I always enjoy reading your blog.

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh dear. Then you truly must run. :)

We don't have a lot of rules here either, and I like your description of a general current of obedience, respect and love. That is exactly what has worked here.


mama k said...

ooh. love this. I am going to use this one!