Friday, July 18

It was hot and hazy yesterday evening and the children were restless; so very excited about getting to wait up late for their grandparents to get into town. And so we walked.
Enjoy the photos, I'm off to prime the new kitchen while the littles sleep.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

WOW, what beautiful photos! Loved them all!

Happy weekend,

carrie said...

such beautiful, timeless, photos. I love evening walks.


~ Shannon said...

That picture of Kaelin, with her rosy cheeks and blue eyes, is simply breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your evening with us!

And I had to laugh at the picture of Brutus being used as transportation!

Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

ooh where did ya get your oldest girls pretty dress? It sure looks nice! I hope you didnt sew, it I am just terrible at that, but would like to find similar dresses for my girl. Just cant find nothing like that though!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! What beautiful land you have!! And even more beautiful...your children!!!


Me said...

Thanks, Melissa.
And Carrie,
And Shannon. Brutus wasn't sure what to think of being ridden. He didn't seem to mind it at all!
Ann, I made the pinafore and the dress that Kaelin is wearing...sorry. I know how hard it is to find little girl clothing. Sewing, although I have little time for it these past few months, is a blessing.
Christy, I wish the land was ours but it isn't. I'd buy it in a heartbeat though! It belongs to a very nice farmer down the road. He owns much of the land on our road and lets us walk it in the summer and sled on it in the winter.

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, as always, lovely pictures.

It's fun to see the house updates as well!


Ronda said...

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Love & Prayers,

Patricia said...

Lovely, lovely pictures! I love the dresses your little one is wearing.

Blue Yonder said...

Your photos and your family are just lovely!

Me said...

Thanks ladies for the compliments. One of my favorite things to do is go for a walk as a family. There's always so much to see and talk about!

Unknown said...

It is a prairie summer! Beautifully done.