Monday, July 28

I'm married to a thirty something man!

Grilled steaks, salad created from my garden (neglected) and my Mom's (always gorgeous), local corn on the cob, oranges my in-laws brought up from Florida, iced tea, and my Mom's wonderful homemade macaroni and cheese made up Sean's birthday lunch. We picnicked and I absolutely love the "no need to sweep after dinner" side of eating outdoors, don't you?

A case for his fly rod and a book the children helped make with photos like these were his gifts from me. The children told me what they wanted each of their signs to say. Christopher had one that said he "loves Papa as much as five dollars" which I think is a compliment since he's never had that sum of money all at once that I know of. Each of the children were way into the Papa's birthday thing this year. Every time I turned around I'd hear the wrapping paper roll being undone and the sound of tape being pulled from the dispenser. Lots of tape. Good thing its cheap.

Kaelin carved "Happy Birthday Papa" into a piece of kindling for him with her pocket knife. Every country girl who is seven years old has a pocket knife, right?

Christopher, unbeknownst to me, covered another piece of wood in letter A's with a black marker and wrapped it. The letter A is a favorite thing to draw and he's very proud of the fact that he knows how to make a letter.

Andrew drew a picture of he and Papa holding hands. It was all very sweet.

After dinner we walked up into the fields again.

Picking wild blackberries and these:

The day was finished with two homemade apple pies, vanilla bean ice cream and the first section of our bluestone countertop being put into place in the new kitchen by Sean and his dad.

(that's my Mom with the pie!)
Happy Birthday, love.


Lynn Hasty said...

What sweet pictures. I love the idea of a gift book. One of my husband's most treasured gifts on father's day was a little book full of poems for dads which I went through and personalized with photos of his babies and personal messages, etc. I get it down of his bookshelf from time to time and look at it.


Dawn said...

Aww glad your hubby had such a blessed and honored day!

My hubby turns the big 30 next year.

God Bless your husband with many more birthdays to come!