Wednesday, July 16

I am: content

I think: about everything

I know: Gods love is real.

I have: been blessed

I wish: I had the energy my kids have

I hate: bats and... well, mainly bats

I miss: Germany

I fear: losing my husband or a child

I feel: contented and blessed.

I hear: little voices discussing a Nova Naturals catalog

I smell: baby

I crave: chocolate

I search: for wisdom as a Mama

I wonder: what my children will be like when they are grown, what their vocations will be and if Sean and I will retire to a farm overlooking the ocean

I regret: family dysfunction

I love: my God, my family

I ache: after stacking wood

I am not: fit as I'd like

I believe: in God

I dance: with my babies

I sing: lots of kids songs, some Colbie Callat, a few hymns, and one Italian opera

I cry: rarely.

I don't always: get everything done I want to in a day. What Mama does?

I fight: cravings for chocolate chip cookies and a glass of farm milk

I write: because I need to

I win: when I start my day bathed in prayer

I lose: sleep

I never: want to alienate my husband or my children

I always: have wanted to be a wife and a Mama and an author.

I confuse: my husband when I move things around or clean out drawers.

I listen: lots and lots of music on the zune, children noises, chicken noises, the wind whipping over the fields...

I can usually be found: with a pile of laundry to be dealt with

I am scared: when Aidens radiologist furrows his brow

I need: Jesus

I am happy about: the family God has blessed us with

I imagine: where we'll be ten years from now

I am wearing: a skirt I made this weekend and a baby

I look forward to: life


Karen G. said...

Hi Hannah,

Loved your post! I don't like bats either. We had some problems with them when we first moved into this house. In the middle of the day or early evening we'd be visited by one almost every day. I know that they are God's creatures, but they scare me! And of course, I didn't want them getting into the kids' rooms (they were littler then).

Patricia said...

Beautiful.... just beautiful and inspiring. I may steal this idea for my blog. ;)

Domestically Inclined said...

Just came across your site. I miss Germany too! Family in Hamburg, and Near the Boden See. Did you live there? My Family is from East Prussia. You have a very nice peaceful site....Lady~Domestically Inclined