Tuesday, June 3

Thoughts on Glorifying God and Contentment

There were thirteen littles here today. Let me tell you, that's a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a lot of juicy watermelon running down to elbows! It was great! The weather was bright and beautiful and our ducks got plenty of healthy exercise being chased and cuddled by ambitious boys. I have never seen so much food or lemonade disappear so quickly.

Their Mamas and I just hung out and talked, sneaking in some watermelon for ourselves. And I know that talking part may come as a shock to some of you that know me because I don't consider myself good at making small talk.

Honestly, I actually despise small talk. I'd rather see the dentist...maybe. I have no problem with friendly "how are ya's" and "how are the kiddos" but when the conversation lingers and the weather or the GAP come up, I'm a goner.

It is such a blessing though to be around other mothers who love the Lord and love their children and in between negotiating cookie handouts and nursing marathons be able to discuss mothering and God's Word. Love it! What an encouragement. My friend Kathleen who was here with her four boys is one of the funniest women and best women to be around. She always encourages me. Her husband is an episcopal priest an they have an awesome family.

I met my friend Rachel back when I was pregnant with Andrew. Our kids are best friends and her patience and kindness always motivate me to be a better Mama! The two of them really blessed my day by coming over to visit and ignoring the laundry and dust bunnies.
We were talking about our testimony as mothers and how it would be simple to focus on pleasing God by raising a bushel of children but if you are stressed and hollering then your testimony as a Christian is shot. It was great to talk about glorifying God as mothers as being a primary goal and purpose in mothering. Something I could go on and on about...

And then there's contentment...
Sean and I have been discussing contentment in regard to family size. All week I've been thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking that I must be content because the opposite of content is discontentment. I wouldn't hang my hat under discontentment because I'm happy and feel blessed.

Recalling a favorite scripture that says, "But godliness with contentment is great gain" I decided to look up the word contentment in the Greek. Crosswalk.com makes it a whole lot easier for a one hand typing, feeding a baby Mama to do a Bible study these days. No lugging the twelve pound concordance off the bookcase and being reminded of how often I don't dust.

  1. a perfect condition of life in which no aid or support is needed
  2. sufficiency of the necessities of life
  3. a mind contented with its lot, contentment
So I am content. (Must add in here that I would like a housekeeper to "aid and support" but since that is not an option, I'll do the laundry myself and be content.)
Nevertheless, I really hope we are blessed with the chance to adopt someday. Both of us, with our dysfunctional backgrounds, feel so completely blessed by the life and family God has given us. Amazed even. God gets all the credit!

As a child, I was always lonely for a close family and I'd love to give that gift to a child through adoption.

Anyway, I'm sitting here with a four week old with a gassy belly. All things in His timing.


Pam said...

Oh! I hope you will have the opportunity to experience adoption,too, (according to His will!) What a gift it would be to see the contrast between the two ways to receive gifts from the Lord, both very much miracles and expressions of His chosen children brought into His forever family. Everyday I have the reminder of seeing His grace on the faces of my children, all with different stories, every bit a miracle of conception and survival. Until then, keep your head down and pour yourself into your little ones - as Jim Elliot says, "Be all there!" And meanwhile, let the Lord know your heart. If it is His will, you will not be able to stop it! -- Blessings to you!

Amy said...

We are probably going to be looking into adoption, too, once Sean returns home from his upcoming deployment. Such a blessing it would to welcome another child into our family! :D

New Mom said...

hmmm... "sufficiency of the necessities of life," I like that.

It's funny what you said about small talk. I abhor it. I don't even know how to engage in it, though after living in the West for several years, I'm learning. If you were from the South, you wouldn't have to put up with small talk. Most Southerners will know your deepest secrets, dysfunctional past, and many other "private details" after about a half an hour ;oP As you can see from my LONG comments on this blog, we're great divulgers but we're good listeners too!

Unknown said...

I love the internet for Bible study too--

Small talk--I hate it too--I especially hate it when people go on and on about their recipes. Just thought I'd share ;-)

Terrific post!

Me said...

Pam, God has given you such a beautiful family! I love the Jim Elliot quote!
Mrs. Brigham, I'm so excited that you might grow your family through adoption!
New Mom, you are so funny! I enjoy being a good listener too;)
Jessica, I always wonder how Mama's survived without the internet. I can't imagine homeschooling without it! I don't mind recipe sharing, as long as it has good ingredients and not "cream of something" based!
Good to hear I'm not the only female on the planet who dislikes small talk!

Anonymous said...

You wrote:
We were talking about our testimony as mothers and how it would be simple to focus on pleasing God by having a bushel of children.

Hi Hannah, I hope I phrase this right because I am really curious. Where in the Bible does it say that having a bushel of children pleases God? I mean, I love kids. I would love that to be true. The only thing I have seen in the bible is in John 15. Jesus is talking about remaining in Him, and if we do that, we will bear much fruit. The next verse (or one after it) says that THIS is what glorifies the Father. I know Psalms 127 says that children are a blessing. I can see how this is reconciled in the OT, but in the NT blessings are more spiritual, (at least it seems to me) than physical.

Don't get me wrong, in a way, I would love love love a bushel of children. I am just not seeing this in the Word is all. Any help??

Me said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm so sorry you seem confused.

Sean and I completely understand the importance of raising our children in a Christian home to be salt and light for future generations. Our nation needs children raised without dysfunction.

Let's flip your question: Do you believe that raising children in a Christian home does not glorify or please God? Where would be the basis for that?

Since my girlfriend and I do have large families, it makes sense for us to say, "it would be simple to focus on God by having a bushel of children". My statement was not saying that God commands this of anyone.

You are right that the Bible says that children are a blessing!:) It is a statement God never recinded.
If we follow your train of thought that by the New Testament standards blessing are only spiritual, how I would miss kissing these sweet blond heads goodnight every night!
No doubt God intends to give good gifts to His children in every area, spiritual and the kind you can hug and kiss and read to and sweep crumbs up after.

I have no doubt that remaining in Him and raising the children He has blessed us with in a Christian home pleases God because this is what He has called me to do.

I hope this absolves some of your concerns with my statement and gives you more to think about,


Dawn said...

What a wonderful blessing it was for you to get together with other like minded sisters of the Lord!
I love that sweet fellowship.

I don't mind small talk...as long as it's not about the weather...ugh...I hate bringing up the weather...it's so booooring! :)

My husband and I are open to God filling our 'quiver' but so far, He hasn't given us any arrows. :(
At times it emotionally hurts because everyone I know has either just had a baby or are pregnant and not even married! It hurts because it's like 'God..hello? Did you forget about me down here?'

But...I must be content like the Bible says.

We are open to adoption in the future as well so maybe that will be God's plan all along...to fill our quiver through adoption...who knows....but for now, I must be content in my circumstances...

What a good post you have here!

God Bless!