Sunday, June 29

Photos of Photos

My Grandma and her three boys. My Dad is wearing the glasses and missing teeth. Too cute.

My Grandma and her brother.

My great grandparents and my grandmother and her brother. I love the big white bow in her hair and the teddy bear she is holding.

My Grandma and Pop Pop on their wedding day.

My Grandma is the lady on the right and my Dad is the baby.

I think this is Pop Pop's mother.

My great, great grandparents and their six boys! Pop Pop's father is second from the right in the top row. I would love to know where the rest of those boys and their descendants ended up!

Here they are again, grown up. Great Grandpa Speer Andrews is second from the right again.

Janet Lock as a little girl. Her mother made her little embroidered dress.


Tiffany said...

What beautiful pictures! How amazing to be able to look at those wonderful pieces of your heritage.

Thank you for sharing!


Shannon said...

Oh! Sorry to make you jealous of Oops. :) I LOVE looking at old pictures. There is something so special about them. I love looking at their clothes too.

Unknown said...

That is so wonderful! I love to look at old photos and imagine what they were living!