Saturday, June 7

Keeping Cool

A late afternoon whim took us to the beach on Saturday. It was 97 and HUMID.

I'm at the end of 28 hours of a dreadful bug that has kept my stomach empty (not by choice) and praying no one else contracts whatever it was.
Let me tell you, being that sick with five children, one a nursing one month old, is just plain terrible... Sean took one kiddo to work with him yesterday and the rest of us hunkered down on our bed with youtube and Kaelin getting lunch.

She is wonderful.

I'm off to refill the kiddie pool.

Catherine has been pointing to the ceiling and saying "what's that, Mama?" as the window AC unit blows strands of dust from the ceiling beams.
"Dust." I say, none too pleased at my strands of dust swinging from the ceiling house.
"You vaccuum, Mama?"
Yes, love, thats next on the list.

Hope everyone has some AC to enjoy today

and that this bug passes you by,


Andrea said...

Sweltering with you Hannah,here a teeny bit South of you. Keep cool!

~ Shannon said...

I'm sorry you've not been feeling well! I'll be praying that the Lord blesses you with a quick recovery and extra energy. Down here in Florida we can sympathize with the humidity :)

I love your daughters' colorful (and modest) swim shirts. Very cute! You have such a lovely family.

Yours in Christ,

New Mom said...

Oh how I miss living near the beach! I'm glad it was only a 24 hour bug, that must've been awful. Glad no one else has caught it. Just Lysol EVERYTHING.

Pam said...

So sorry you have been sick. No fun when you must care for others - especially the baby. Glad you are better. We have missed the sweltering, but have been hit by rain and flooding. We'll send cool your way, if you'll send some sun ours. :>

The Stricklands said...

I am so sorry that you haven't felt well this week. It is tough being a sick mommy.

If the dust in my house starts really bothering me, I just move to another room or turn out the lights :0) It is 100 degrees already today and the wind is blowing about 20-30 miles an hour -yuck! (And the beach is about 15 hours away!)