Sunday, June 29

Four airports and three airplanes later(including one that went bumpity, bumpity, bump and had NO air conditioning) we landed safely in North Carolina to my grandparents open arms and teary eyes.

Even in her eighties, my Grandmother keeps a beautiful home.

Annaliese found special time with Grandma doing puzzles - big ones - and surprising us all at finishing the first 200 piece one by herself. She also had a blast dressing Grandma up as a queen our last morning there. Grandma was bedazzled with the biggest sparkles in her jewelry boxes, dressed and introduced to her royal court. I'm not sure who had the most fun.

I have a photo of Pop Pop and myself in this same position twenty something years ago.
There are some things that will always remind my of my Grandmother:
There are at least 23 tubes of lipstick in this drawer.

And perfume.
As little girls my Grandma taught us to ask for samples in the big department stores in Delhi. Back when they still gave out samples.

The photo on the dresser is of my PopPop and his brother Chase, who our wee Chase is named for. Chase died in pilot training for WWII when he was just nineteen. Pop Pop thought it was great that our Chase is so long and lanky as his brother was 6'4".

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Andrea said...

Nice photos.
My grandmother had things in her house (like your grandmother's lipstick) that reminded me of her. I love that you took a photo of it to remember it forever. You will treasure that.