Sunday, June 15

Father's Day

Our kids have an awesome Papa. Sometimes I just sit back and watch the six of them interact and thank God that they are so blessed. This morning the kiddos all wore their special "Papa Day" shirts we've been working on. We did them using the freezer paper printing method. It was like having four supervisors watch me do them, so intent were they that the shirts come out just so, just as they wanted. Christopher didn't leave my side for a second while I cut, ironed and painted.

Since it was Papa Day, Sean planned the day. We hit the early church service (wonderful!) and then headed up to the cabin for lunch with my Dad and Pam. Catherine started acting wonky and running a low fever. She LOVES her "Gampa".

A new beach filled the afternoon. New to us anyhow. Gorgeous. Pristine. Mountains, expensive Adirondack camps, clear blue water,
expensive pretty vintage boats out and about,
and blackflies. Yes, blackflies. If you don't have them where you live, be thankful. That's Christopher conveniently squishing one in his ear as I snapped the photo.
They weren't so bad by the water and so we hung by there. No photos of Chase today. He was huddled into his carseat with a towel draped over. He escaped with one bite on top of his sweet, sweet balding head. I really love the balding head below too!

Catherine's pudgy hand just does me in. Makes me want to pick her up and squeeze her. Especially when she makes faces like this because that nasty molar is coming in and making her feel miserable and wonky.

Someone mentioned the girls modest swim suits. Kaelin's was a Target find last year. Catherine's was found at Target this year. I did snag another t-shirt/skirt combo one off ebay for Kaelin this year too. My theory is that since I would never let them walk around in a grocery store, church, or friend's house in their undies, they won't be wearing stuff that covers as much as underwear just because they are at the beach.

On the way home everyone crashed minus that little sneaky fellow in the red swim trunks. See what he is trying to do?


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post. So glad you had a wonderful wonderful day! Frankly, I'm a wee bit jealous. :-)

The Stricklands said...

What a precious day! I love the last picture - we have a sneaky little brother who loves to poke at his sleeping sisters in the car. Isn't it wonderful to know that children are the same everywhere? You have a beautiful family.

Lynn Hasty said...

Very pretty pictures, Hannah! Hope Catherine is feeling better.


Tami said...

Looks like you had a great Father's Day.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful time, beautiful pics.

New Mom said...

Gorgeous pictures. Living in the HOT HOT Arizona-no-water-no-beach-no-end in sight heat makes me long for cool beaches! That one looks nice and secluded. BTW, you look great so quickly after your pregnancy. I'll bet no one can believe you've had 5!

Kim said...

Looks like a great time! I'm with new mom on the heat. It's just way too hot here to venture outside right now.

I must ask, how do you stay so thin? I'm sorry if that embarasses you, but I'm amazed at how great you look after just having had a baby.

Me said...

Hi Kim,
Sorry this response is so late. I can't take any credit for being smallish after having babies. Genetics? I definitely credit breastfeeding with helping to lose weight after having a baby. I love seeing Chase getting chunkier, knowing that chunk is coming off of me! (I'm still a good ten pounds more than I should be too.)

Kim said...

Well I certainly do not see any extra 10 pounds on you. :) I agree that breastfeeding is helpful.

I am pregnant with my 5th and since the birth of my last, although I have not gained weight, I have lost all my muscle tone and everything is...well, jiggly. lol

I'm trying to do some prenatal yoga this time around to help tone things so they don't get worse.

Me said...

Thanks Kim, but I know the "extra" is there by the way pre-baby clothing doesn't fit. I know exactly what you mean about the jiggle. Ugh. Totally worth it though!