Wednesday, June 11

Doing things on purpose

I stood at the top of the hill, my heart thumping and my face hot with tears. It would be okay. I would be okay. Life would be okay.

I let my hands run over the alfalfa reaching near my shoulders. Provision for winter, planted by a farmer. Foresight and planning. Wisdom.

Some days it seems that for as much normalcy that we pour into our family life, something tries to squelch it away.

God, give me the foresight to teach our children what they need for life. To provide them with the tools to build a relationship with You and build healthy homes of their own. More and more I am realizing that building a stable and happy home life takes a lot of planning and doing things on purpose. Purposeful actions.

I welcomed the wind that whipped my hair around my shoulders and into my face. It was blazing hot out, thunder clouds quickly building into heap upon heap in the sky to the west.

My words ran and flowed swiftly on that wind. Frustrations, longings, feelings of inadequacy, cries for help and wisdom and guidance - everything just coursing out, flowing up, and left to silently rest on that hill.

The rising winds momentarily pushed aside the humid air and I breathed deeply. Refreshed. Resolved. Renewed.

Turning towards home, I walked with renewed vision and purpose for our family. A napping baby, sweaty toddlers with watermelon faces, one little one reading by the fan, another with an adventure of playmobiles set up...

Home to a husband who wraps his arms around me, kissing my head. Someone who prays for me every morning without fail.
Here's to a week, a month, a year, a life of doing things on purpose.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

I've been feeling the same things lately. Thank you for your post.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your heart. I have been feeling the same thing about being purposeful. It takes so much work...especially when you are in first trimester yucky-ness like myself. Oh how I need my King more now than ever!!

Esther Plaster said...

thank you for the post and the pictures. doing things on purpose is about doing it unto the Lord - knowing that he takes our inadequacies and multiplies the loaves and fishes when there is anything lacking. i really resonated with your words today. in fact i am going to start thinking on them more. i would recommend if you havnt read Edith Schaeffer's book What is a Family? you ought to pick it up - its a great source for this heart-thinking. warm summer blessings!