Monday, June 30

Dining room chair covers (easy project)

Our dining room chairs are sturdy and old. They've come from local auctions, ebay, and relatives. None of them match. So here's what I do:Two yards of decorator fabric from Joann's and a bit of time makes a world of difference. I had first tried this out with some fabric I just had laying around (plaid) but really don't consider myself a plaid kind of girl. This new fabric is a bit more formal, darker in color (important to the utmost with small children), and coordinates great with our blue and white dish collection.
I fold the fabric in half and then fold each half into half, as seen above. Then I simply tip over the chair I'm covering onto the floor and leaving enough room on either side for a seam allowance - cut.

Hem the two bottoms and sew up the side seams.
I zig-zagged because this seemed to be great fabric for unraveling in the wash...

Pull over your chairs and voila!

I'm not a perfectionist and these took about a half hour to sew. I don't prewash either. My trick is to wash the covers in cold water and when they are about 90 percent air dried, just a wee bit damp, pull them over the chair backs. This cuts out the need for ironing and also stretches the fabric back out.


Anna said...

great idea!

Sarah said...

A marvelous idea! My current chairs were given to us by a sweet lady from church, but they clash horribly with my green kitchen, being yellow and blue striped! I've been inspired to cover them with some fabric I've had forever - thanks for the wonderful idea!

Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

How pretty and chic! I love that pattern!

Anonymous said...

I need new chairs as ours are wobbly and falling apart. (they weren't the greatest anyway) Your idea will help me if I find chairs that don't exactly match. Thanks.

Kim said...

Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing how you did this.

Although, our chairs do match. I am tired of endlessly scrubbing the grime and food off of them. So I figure I could easily pull these off and wash them when they get dirty. I just really hate scrubbing chairs. :)


old world sunflower said...

I love the chair pattern you have, I am not understanding the part about the folding, I would like to make these for the fall, thanks ahead for explaining, Diana

Me said...

Hi Diana,
Sorry about the confusing explanation. The fabric I bought was expensive and I just wanted to get as much use out of the two yards as possible. Fold your fabric in half. Cut it then down the middle, leaving yourself with two equal pieces of fabric. Then fold each piece of fabric in half again, before laying down your chair back on it to cut.
I hope that makes sense. I'm definitely the kind of person that needs to see something done to understand it too.

old world sunflower said...

Hannah thanks for explaining, I am looking foward to making these, love your blog!!! God Bless, Diana