Sunday, May 11

Mothers Day Times Five!

After a rough night for the six day old member of the family and his Mama, Sean brought me breakfast in bed and the other kids climbed in with their hand made cards and treats. Beautiful way to start the day!
Later in the morning we loaded up the van with kids and a picnic lunch for a day trip to Saratoga Springs and this pastry place, a favorite of ours.

This is what I ate. Yum.

Sean took some photos of the kiddos and I, because, like most Mama's, you wouldn't know by our photo albums that I exist...

The afternoon picnic, the pond, ducks, shops, and carousel all made for a lovely day.

Hope you'all had a beautiful day too!


Anonymous said...

Oh that last picture is award-winning! Happy Day (almost done).

MamaBirdEmma said...

You look wonderful, Hannah!

Where did you find that pretty dress and those nice red sandals?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing! You look content and fulfilled. :)

Niki said...

beautiful family photos, thank you for sharing them! You look wonderful for having had the wee one only 6 days ago!

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, I love the pictures! You look great! If you weren't holding a newborn baby, no one would ever know you just had one!

I love your dress and the red shoes. My favorite shoes in the whole world are red. :) They're closed-toe flats with a dainty ankle strap and they look great with everything.

Glad you had a fine Mother's Day.


Tonya said...

Beautiful pictures, and you look really awesome for just having a baby!!! I still look pregnant for weeks after giving birth LOL

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day : )

Me said...

Hi Cathy, what a beautiful blog you have! I could listen to that music all day!
Emma, the red shoes are so comfortable and from Target last year on clearance. Cost about $6. I picked up the dress a few weeks ago on clearance (also Target) for $13. I'm contentedly frugal.
Thanks, Melissa!
Thanks, Niki for the sweet words. I feel guilty looking thin after having a baby but it is just how my body carries babies. I swear by breastfeeding as an excellent way to lose weight post baby too!
Lynn,I have red Mary Janes, red closed toe sandals, and these red shoes in the photo. Being a red head, I don't look great in red but love to wear the color on my feet!

Becky said...

Hannah, what beautiful photos!
And you're right - there are no photos of me in our photo album, either!
On a more practical note, I notice you dress your children beautifully for even just every day. How do you handle grass and mud stains? 'Cuz I gotta tell you, my girls' dresses would not stay very pretty for long if they wore them to the park every day!

Robin said...

Hi Hannah!

I live in Boise, Idaho and I love reading your blog. Your pictures are beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition.

I have 2 children (9 and 3) and wish I was as fertile as you;) We are asking God if adoption is his plan for our next child. Many families in our church have adopted precious Ethiopian children. Large families are the norm here in Idaho. Everyone keeps asking me when (not if) we are going to have another!

Keep are inspiring me to restart my abandoned blog!

Me said...

Hi ChinaMama,

I do dress the girls (the oldest picks out her clothes and dresses herself) in nice clothing as much as possible. They do have "camp clothes" reserved for playing in the woods and creek at the cabin.
I find that nice clothes wash just as well as any other clothing. I stick to cottons, linens, and wools.
Being thrifty means it really doesn't matter if I dress them in a $10 smocked dress or a $10 pair of pants.
What a stark difference there is in whether I run to the grocery store in sweats or a skirt. Whether or not they should, people do treat us differently depending on our presentation. I do appreciate having doors held open for me and having sweet little ladies thank me for dressing our girls like girls.
We do save the special dresses (like the smocked one Catherine is wearing that Grandma made) for special days or occasions.
Robin, thanks for commenting! I wish I could send some fertility your way! We love families grown by adoption! If you read at all into the archives, you'll have seen that we were in the midst of filling out our paperwork for adopting when I found out we were expecting that's on hold. We were actually looking to Liberia. What a blessing that you live in an area appreciative of large families!

Tine said...

What beautiful children you have! And you look wonderful! I can't believe you just had a baby. And you're up for a trip. The pictures are great, it looks like you all had a wonderful time

Trish said...

Hannah, Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures of your family. I hopped on over after Tonya at PuddinPop mentioned your Mother's Day post. Such a blessing :)

~ Shannon said...

Wow, you look fabulous! And little Chase is adorable -- such perfect little features.

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. Thank you so much for your blog; it's an inspiration!

Yours in Christ,

Sarah said...

You all look wonderful, especially you! You certainly don't look like you had a baby just a week ago - or at least, like I looked a week after giving birth. :) What a wonderful day it sounds like you all had!

Borbe Bunch said...

Lovely...thank you for shaing about your wonderful day, I likewise was so very blessed, being with my blessings and my partner in life, such a relaxing day, I am blessed.
I loved all the pictures you shared, how beautiful...
Thank you for what you wrote in regards to mothering, I agree, this calling in life is not one to "survive" but embrace and REST in God and His Word that will direct us and give us light for our paths in mothering...all individually created by our great God. I enjoy your heart and am blessed by you...
I always love to "stop by" :)
I also journal at jewelsofjoy dot blogspot...if you are ever interested...

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Hannah for this lovely uplifting, Mother's Day gift~being able to look in on a wonderful happy, content, INTACT family.

Blessings to you,


Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

Oh Hannah, you are the most breathtaking mother! Happy Mother's Day, lady!

P.S. I read in your latest post something about vaccines and was wondering if you guys selectively vax/are non-vaxing? We are the same and it's great to meet other like-minded mamas. :o) Bless your pediatrician for being respectful and educated!

Me said...

Hi Kelly,
I don't know how much our pediatrician agrees with our vac. decisions but it is nice that he doesn't hassle us about it and lets us do what we feel is best.

Our first child was completely vaccinated until age two when her little brother was an infant. After his DPT he spiked a 105 temp and began projectile vomiting and a MD on call told us this was completely normal.

Not happy with that, we began reading everything available on vaccines. Kaelin will be eight this year and we are just beginning to consider some selective vaccines for her, mainly for the purpose that we want to live overseas eventually and understand there is more risk and probability of exposure depending on where we travel.

Our fourth and fifth children have had no vaccines and will not for now. I call them our "pure" children!

Christopher has had one vaccine. Because his kidneys are damaged already, we decided to give him the meningitis vaccine since if he ever contracted meningitis, his kidneys would not survive.

That's our vaccine history in a nutshell!

I am very encouraged that parents are beginning to question and research vaccination. When I worked as a nurse, I never gave all those shots I administered a second thought and neither did most of the people receiving them.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What GORGEOUS photos! And a BEAUTIFUL family you have!

cotedetexas said...

omgosh! Five! how lucky you are!!!! And the baby is just 6 days old? can that be???? you look wonderful. I"m so envious. I only got to experience pregnancy once! boo! The biggest regret of my life. Seeing your five makes me so happy for your joy.