Tuesday, May 20

Life is returning to a routine, albeit a new one due to a new family member and sunny or sometimes rainy spring days.

Today we were thankful for a mostly sunny one with friends for lunch and a yard full of kids and little voices bouncing around.Tonight this wee one will accompany Sean and I on our first date night post baby delivery. We're off with bottled water and snacks to see Prince Caspian. Very excited.

In other news we've been trying a return to craftiness. Dug out the paints, rolled up small sleeves and had at it. It was fun. I did it too.

Have a beautiful new week!


Kim said...

Your little one is SO adorable. :)

I LOVE those covers on the tops of your chairs. That is just the thing I need. I am constantly cleaning off the tops of the chairs due to messy hands at the dinner table. Did you make them?

Me said...

Hi Kim,
Yes, I did make the covers on the back of the chairs, mainly because all of our dining chairs came from auctions or sales and none of them match. I'm not really a "plaid" person but had that fabric already. Hopefully soon I'll be able to pick up some new fabric and do a post on making them. It is very simple...

Niki said...

What a precious little one he is! Nothing in this world like a newborn babe! :)

We liked Caspian, hope you enjoy it and have a special moment of two on your date.


Anonymous said...

Hope your date night was a fun one. We saw the movie on our date night the other day and loved it. It looks like your kiddies are having fun doing all the creating!

Me said...

Hi Nikki and Karen!
We did enjoy Caspian! Our three oldest have been wanting to see it but I think they'll have to be content with being read the story again until they are older.
My only contention with the movie was the silly little extra things they added in that weren't necessary and that little mouse reminded me of the cartoon "Puss in Boots".
Can't wait for the next one though!

Patricia said...

Your new addition is precious! How blessed you are. Hope you are doing well with five!