Tuesday, April 22

Yesterday was a long and stressful day. There is no way to glamorize getting a grim sounding report from a radiologist and then having to wait three hours to see the specialist's nurse practitioner to get her viewpoint. Somehow our appointments were messed up, Aiden's pediatric urologist was in the OR, and hence seeing the nurse practitioner, who, thankfully, is very knowledgeable.

The jist of it all is that we're now waiting to see and hear if what the ultrasound showed is scarring from past surgeries or new damage. The happy vote here at this point would be for scarring, though of course, we'd like that to come to an end and not cause any trouble too.

After picking up the older two kiddos from my friend, Diane, who graciously let them play and have fun at her house all day, we finally headed home just as it was getting dark.  Aiden has a fancy hat looking thing to put into the potty when he pees and a chart on the fridge for Mama or Papa to write down the time and how much he's gone.

After sending in the pee-pee diary in a few days, we'll wait to hear from Dr. Kogan, the urologist with what we should do next. The waiting game...

The sun is shining again today. Early this morning I sat out front on the swing with my Bible and re-couped. I don't handle stress well.
I'm thinking a walk and picnic might be in order today after some happy planting in the garden.


Lynn Hasty said...

Sorry to hear yesterday was so long and stressful for you. If you're like me, waiting for results is no fun either. I hope your sweet little Christopher has the best outcome possible. Perfect healing would be nice!

I hope you have an enjoyable day today.


New Mom said...

Just prayed for a good report and peace through this trying time.

Lucy said...

Prayers for you and Christopher. I hope you have a nicer day today.

Sommer said...

I'll be keeping you and Christopher in my prayers. Several years back we had to play that waiting game with a heart thing for my daughter. The Lord is good and great! May He bring peace to you all and healing to your bright boy.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

God is in control.

Don't get stressed. You have enough on your plate right now.

I will be praying for you guys!