Monday, April 7

Romans 14 and Matthew 7 offer us a lot of wisdom as Christians.

Verses that I've been thinking a lot on the last few months as I've had the honor of viewing a lot of criticism from one Christian to another and criticism from Christian individuals to churches both in our locality here and in the public arena of Christianity.

Reading and browsing blog land, it is easy to find criticism on any number of subjects, from big name speakers to parenting techniques to authors of books. Basically, it doesn't matter who you are or what wisdom God has or has not given you, someone out there disagrees with you and makes it their business to blog about it. Most likely another Christian. Unfortunately.

It is the whole mentality of "let me show you how wrong you are and how right I am" - the basic sinful issue of pride disguised under any number of nobler titles and labels. Some of the subject matter I've read on "Christian" blogs or heard spoken of in person makes me embarrassed by association of calling myself a Christian.

What does this subject have to do with cultivating home, parenting, and marriage?
Part of my job as a Mama is to give my children a correct filter through which to view the world and the Christian community. Sean and I often use the guideline of Luke 6:43-46.
We teach our children that God's people are best known by their fruit - the good stuff coming from their lives. Everyone has fruit, we teach them. Some of it is no good, like when you buy a bag of oranges from the store and there's that one squishy one that's growing blue fuzz hidden inside. Some of it is wonderful, like a ripe, juicy pineapple.
I want my children to have discernment. To see that wearing the title of Christian unfortunately doesn't guarantee truth any more that the label of Chiquita guarantees you a perfectly wholesome banana.

"Annaliese, are you treating your brother the way God wants you to?" I might ask.

"Kids, will people in this store be able to tell that Jesus is a part of our family by the way we act and treat each other?"

Two questions that could also be posed to the general Christian assembly.


Catherine Holman said...

Amen to that. I've been noticing it a lot lately in our own church. I pray that God can bring us all back together. Thanks for the sweet and to the point post.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I really enjoyed the last two questions that you ask your children. Indeed, we all should be asking them.

However, I will disagree a bit with you. I was in error about a few pastors and believed what they said. It was a few people on line who wrote articles to show where they were misleading Gods people. They showed me with Bible verses. The Holy Spirit worked through them to let me see how BLIND I was to their teaching. We are supposed to admonish one another. With love and meekness of course! But if no one took a stand on anything there would be much more deception than there is in the churches right now (i.e. prosperity, health and wealth gospel). Thanks Jennifer

JuJu's Place said...

Right on! May we all strive to be more discerning! :)

Me said...

Hi Jennifer,
I think what you are talking about and what I wrote about are two different things. I completely believe in running everything, every word spoken, sermon preached, etc. against the Word of God to make sure it lines up. In fact, some of the preachers and ministers I respect the most encourage their listeners to do just that.

While Christians are, as you said, called to admonish one another, one lovely thing about that word is that it means to "place on ones mind" in the Greek.
I think that is a great thing, to cause people to think more about the Lord and His Word. True admonishment seeks to bring God's love and truth into a situation.

The rampant criticism I wrote about is a whole different thing, bringing as its fruit division, contempt, pride, and cynicism.
Thanks so much for your comment,

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay, I see. I do agree with you then.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, as usual!

This post makes me think about the things we Christians argue about for the sake of being right and walking in truth. yes, I believe in Truth, but I think that a lot of our soap-boxes are more personal than God-centered.

Thanks for writing this!