Thursday, April 10


Cold spring breezes blew down the back fields this morning. Truly cold. I stood hanging out laundry, expecting to see snowflakes at any moment, little Catherine clinging to my legs telling me, "cold, Mama, cold!".
Thankfully the snow stayed elsewhere.

By lunch time the sun had burned away the clouds and the children and I went for a refreshing walk. This photo above made me notice how TALL Christopher is getting all of a sudden, wearing pants that Douglas wore just last year. Sean weighed the kids last night and there is only a four pound difference between each of our oldest three kiddos.
Douglas is so thin and wiry but incredibly strong and Christopher is built like a tank or football player.

One of my sweet friends, the wife of this blogger, dropped off some pretty hair bands with the request that I take some photos of my girls in them. She's beginning to sell them and I'll let you know as soon as her website is up and running. The hair bands are great and fit from wee babies all the way up to Kaelin here.

A first flower was a big hit on our walk. Flowers=spring.

I love seeing the fields turn from shades of brown to shades of green. The ones around here are just beginning to turn but we discovered some pretty shades of green in the hedge rows.

Little boys fascinated by farm machinery, Douglas and Christopher, gesturing all the while, taught me what each thing is used for and how it works.

All this they've learned from watching the neighbor farmer at work and from this video, which I highly recommend for all kiddos fascinated with farms. I was expecting it to be cheesy but it is very well done.
Christopher is also fascinated with the camera and took this photo of me, without a drop of makeup on - so be forewarned. I look pale. And happy.
I am both.

My iron count is actually great. Usually in this point of pregnancy, the doctors are threatening all sorts of things because it is so low. My count came back at 34 and normal starts at 35. Midwife is happy. So am I. I am faithfully drinking my raspberry leaf and nettle tea. I actually like them both with sugar. I also take an iron pill, multivitamin, and a potassium to keep the palpitations away.Kaelin drove out to see the midwife with me this afternoon. Besides the annoying back/hip pain and not sleeping, I am doing great. Baby is posterior so that accounts for the additional back pain. Since I've been having a lot of braxton hicks contracting, the midwife urged me to take it easy and be lazy to make it to 37 weeks, which would be next Tuesday. She'll be gone until the 22nd so if I do go before then another midwife who I haven't met would be covering for her. No biggie to me.

I came home to three happy children and a tired hubby, who had made clam linguine and done some more wiring in the new kitchen.
We also have someone here now tearing out walls in the old rooms, meaning dust and lathe and plaster and me being so thankful that it's not me doing the work.

It was a beautiful, contented, peaceful and busy day. Hope yours was too!



Anonymous said...

Very pretty dresses on the girls as well. Did you sew them?

By the way, I read your blog almost everyday. It has inspired me to start my own as well. I just started today tho so nothing much is there yet. I put your blog on my blogroll since it is such an inspiration to me. I hope that is okay with you. I am calling it "Pressing towards the mark" as I want to encourage others to press towards our high calling in Christ Jesus. Have a good night! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog last week, you have such a positive tone in your writing. I have enjoyed reading it. Your children are sweethearts. I hope your delivery is smoothe and you and baby do fine.


Me said...

Hi Jennifer,
I didn't make those dresses. I actually found them at H&M at end of the season clearance for $3 each, I think. A great buy, right?
Glad to hear of your new blog. I love to read blogs that encourage me as a mum and wife and follower of Christ!

Thanks, Melinda, for the sweet words and well wishes!

Catherine Holman said...

You're photography is great! I love seeing how you've raised your children to love the outdoors. God's truly blessed you and your family. Keeping you in my prayers for a safe delivery.

Lynn Hasty said...

I know you are glad to see the first flower! It means many more on the way.

I love the headbands, by the way. I would like to know when the site is up. My daughter would like them.


Pam said...

Lovely photography, lovely bows, lovely children and mamma. Blessings on the safe delivery of your new one. I come by often because it's such a peaceful, lovely site! Let us know about the bows. I have two little girls that would love them.