Sunday, April 20

On Friday night some good friends came for a walk and dessert. The sun was setting over the fields as we walked and then came back to the house for cheesecake, Giardelli brownies that Miss Kaelin made, and Sean's lattes. My little man that all the animals love showed off his duck, Lilly.
All the photos are below.
Tomorrow we bring Christopher to his specialist for his yearly checkup. While we have seen such miraculous things in his life, it is always an appointment where we hold our breath as we wait to see how his kidneys and ureters and bladder are doing.


Little Stitcher said...

What a beautiful place and photos! xxxx

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, I love the pictures of your beautiful children.

You had quite the adventure in the mud the other day! I'm glad you all finally got unstuck. And some people think family life is boring...