Tuesday, April 8

Just another walk.

After a very busy day and evening meal of duck a la orange, Sean and I took the dogs and children up into the fields for another spring walk.Sean spent all afternoon shop-vac-ing up the sand in the new kitchen while I shook off and dusted and sorted and tossed and stored all the crafty things in the upstairs hallway above the new kitchen where the sand and dust had found its way. So not fun.

A friend had told me how wonderful duck a la orange tasted and so I attempted it with this recipe from epicurious. It did taste great. It took forever to make and next time I will simplify it all by throwing everything in the crockpot and only making the sauce separate.

This picture is for our friend, Mark, the runner. Douglas wants to know if you win lots of races...

It was so nice yesterday evening to get out of the dust and into the fresh spring air and just let the dogs and kids run. Besides clearing ones nostrils, it also clears your head.

Sean giving Brutus a talk about NOT chasing chickens. We currently have a one legged chicken thanks to Brutus.

For those of you not aware, these that Douglas are holding are burdocks.

They grow on a plant like this and were supposedly the inspiration for whoever invented velcro.
They make great fun for little boys (big ones too) who want to have a burdock fight.

Basically, you just pick them off the bush and throw.
They stick.

Cow jawbone, anyone?

Sean found this print of a BIG deer. Lucky for him, he has a tree stand not too far from this spot where the deer cross the field and maybe this one'll end up in our freezer next winter.

Sometimes Brutus looks all dignified like this when he runs...

And sometimes his lips and jowls and ears all go flying into the wind and he looks like this. Seriously funny.

That smallest chicken in the front is our rooster, Chris. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in spunk.

Have another beautiful spring day, everyone!


Pam said...

Your area looks much like ours - we are rural too. Except for the snow that we are currently getting. :< Lovely pictures! You are encouraging us to want to get out and take walks by all of your fun and fresh air.

Amy said...

Your pictures are always such a treat to the eyes, Hannah. :o)