Wednesday, April 2


Besides a ninety pound Great Dane puppy, a chubby lab/retriever mix, fifteen ducklings, one duck and a rooster we also have thirteen laying hens.
Last year when Andrew found a twenty dollar bill lying in the middle of nowhere in the country on a walk, he decided to buy some chicks from the farm store. Now that spring has sprung and blessed us with more daylight, we are getting more eggs than I can use - almost a dozen a day.

And so the egg business know as Andrew's Eggs has begun. First, we washed and shined up the best of the eggs and divided them into half dozens with each dozen containing one magical blue egg. (Baaaaad kitchen lighting makes them look gray here.)

Andrew paid Annaliese fifty cents (marketing!) to make him cards for his sales. Inside reads:

Andrew's Eggs

Free Delivery
Fabulous Taste

*Plus a magical blue egg!
$2.00 dozen

Keep a local chicken employed. :)

Andrew put on a dress shirt and belt and those clam-diggers of his with white socks just crack me up. (We did have him cover up the blaring socks before he left the driveway.)
Very professional about it all, he brought along a pad and pencil for taking orders and practiced what to say. I love that kid.
Off to a few neighbor houses they went with their free samplings of eggs.
As far as finances go, we teach our kids that 10 percent goes to God, 10 percent goes to savings and they can decide what to do with the rest.  Andrew has his sights set on more playmobils.

P.S. - The blue/green eggs were deemed "magical" because they come from a special sort of hen which only lays this color egg.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I wish I lived close enough to buy some. His prices are great!

Best wishes on his new business!

Diane said...

Please let Douglas know I would love to purchase some eggs the next time I see him. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say, I would buy those eggs from kids in a heartbeat especially with those adorable notes attached. Too cute! Too bad you don't live in PA.


Becky said...

I, too, wish I could place a big order!

Anonymous said...

Oh me too! I would order every week. We live in wisconsin tho. I was wondering how I might find someone selling eggs aside of word of mouth, just cant find anyone now.


Me said...

Thanks, Ladies, your comments made Douglas' day! He sold two dozen today and is over the moon...

Me said...

Jennifer in Wisconsin, check out
Great site where you can put in your location and it pulls up any local farmers, egg sellers, ect.

Unknown said...

You guys are the best! Do you deliver to South utica?

Me said...

I am sure he'd b happy to have his Mama and Papa drive him over for a delivery anytime you ask. He is sooo into this egg selling business.