Monday, March 17

A Woman's Time with God

I've mentioned before that I try to get up every morning before the rest of the house (minus feathered creatures and dog). * This way I have time to dress, heat up the house, and sit down with my Bible.
*By the way, since I wrote this post a few months ago, due to pregnancy, lack of sleep and lack of sleeping children, this hasn't been happening...
Taking this time to spend with God, no matter what time of day works for you, makes all the difference in the world.

1. Find a Bible you can understand.
Maybe one with commentaries or a daily devotional would work best for you or perhaps the ancient Old English stirs your soul. Whatever your preference may be, find a version that allows God to communicate to you through His Word. I've used a lot of different versions over the years. Right now I'm reading with the New Living Translation and I appreciate the thought for thought translation.
Max Lucado has a great devotional book "Grace for the Moment" that I've also used in the past. Devotionals are great for getting you started on having a daily time with God. This one in particular has short and effective reads for each day of the year.

2. Find a consistent time of quiet in each day.
Make reading and praying during this time a habit. I've read that the human brain has to repeat something seven times before it becomes a habit. Mark your calendar and set a timer or alarm, even if it's for the middle of the day.

3. Pick a spot.
This helps your brain make it a habitual thing. My chair by the wood stove is my place of choice.

4. Begin in prayer.
Begin in praising and thanking God.
Ask that His will be done during your day.
Thank Him for His provision. Give up any cares and concerns and clear your mind.
Ask forgiveness and help in forgiving others.
Thank God for a hedge of protection around your family and home.

5.Read a portion of scripture.
Ask God to reveal His wisdom to you through what you've read. I find that reading a smaller portion of scripture several times over gives me some "cud" to chew on through my day. This also helps with memorization and hiding God's Word in my heart.

6. Be flexible with the seasons of life.
I'm pretty sure my quiet times with God will be had at odd moments during the days ahead with a new infant in our home. As much as I like my tea and organized time alone with the Lord, this is okay. It is for a season. I'm very much into praying throughout the day for survival anyway...

Lastly, use your devotional time as inspiration to talk to your children about what God is speaking to you. I find this is very important in conveying to our children that I love God and read my Bible and pray too. This is something they don't normally see me do and I hadn't thought much about it until I overheard the kids refer the the Bible as "Papa's". They always see him reading scripture and so it made sense that the Bible was just his. It is so important that our children realize that both of their parents cultivate their relationship with God.


Christy said...

Beautiful thoughts and words. Have a blessed Easter! :)

Me said...

Thanks, Christy, for stopping by and commenting! Have a beautiful Easter too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Very encouraging!