Monday, March 31

Weekend Highlights

Midwife home visit on Saturday.
Beautiful, strong and fast baby heartbeat.
Braxton Hicks contractions.
Ordering a slide in range for the new kitchen!

Clearing out a storage room/future master bedroom so it can be gutted.

Sorting kids clothes for spring.

Endless laundry. E-N-D-L-E-S-S.

Worship on Sunday morning. Love worship!
Pancakes with fresh from the tree syrup. Oh Yum! Thank you Sean!

Fuzzy ducklings to play with.

New paper dolls for Annaliese that Aunt Katie brought over.

Steak for supper and a walk.

August Rush and popcorn.

Falling asleep beside the love of my life.


Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, my favorite thing about blogging and reading blogs is the encouragement that women (and mothers) can give to each other.

I am always so encouraged and inspired by your beautiful pictures, stories, and family life.


Niki said...

Lovely post, Hannah. Our daughter delivers tomorrow.

Andrea said...

You have endless laundry, too? ;)

Beautiful photos, beautiful family, Hannah. :)

Christy said...

such lovely images. have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You are so cute. I love the pictures always on your posts. Thanks for the posts on homeschooling in the early years!! I found it to be very helpful:)

Me said...

Lynn, I feel the same way about reading other the blogs of other Christian women and mothers. I've found too that there is a wealth of support out on the web for large families and traditional motherhood that I am so thankful for.
Niki, how did your daughter's delivery go? What did she have?
Andrea, it is forever endless. Even more so now that I've been pulling spring clothes out and putting away outgrown winter clothing. As I write this, there is a pile of clean laundry at my feet waiting to be sorted and folded. Finally the weather is nice enough today to hang some laundry out!
Christy, have a great week too!
Brandy, thanks for the kind compliments. I'm hoping to get around to doing some more homeschool posts. I just counted this morning and we are DONE for the year! Whew! What a wonderful feeling! Just as the nice weather begins too...
Have a beautiful spring day everyone!