Sunday, March 2

Seven Days, Day 1

I thought I'd offer a real glimpse into our family life for a week. I'm always fascinated by reading about other large families and the dynamics that make their homes run though I don't promise our days will be half as interesting...
Tonight we are all exhausted. At least Sean and I are. The kids are all still quite lively and bedtime can't come quickly enough. I love my kiddos dearly but the silence of bedtime is golden.
We went to our church's Saturday night service and made plans to have friends over for a late lunch today.

Here's how the day went:
6 something am - from the kid's room I hear Aiden calling out in an unquiet sort of kid whisper to his sleeping older brother, trying to wake him. I groan and tell him to be quiet. My squished pregnant bladder is unfortunately full and I'm awake so I stumble out of bed, dress and start breakfast.
7am - I have an early morning shadow.  Ella. She follows me down stairs and sits on the counter as I cut fruit for breakfast, gesturing wildly to her mouth as I slice bananas into the fruit salad.
By eight thirty we've all eaten scrambled eggs and fruit. I begin cleaning for our guests later in the day and put a pie crust into the fridge for later.
The kids dress and Andrew follows Sean out to care for the chickens. Annaliese bundles and goes out to shovel the porch and little sidewalk from the overnight drifts. Sean tells me that The Big Mean Rooster is still tormenting the smaller one and our one remaining duck. A few hours later he is ready for the crockpot later this week.
By ten the floors have been swept and the dining room chairs are upended on the table. So much for a restful sabbath. I cross my fingers as I put my first homemade blueberry pie into the oven and set the timer. Upstairs with the mop and bucket to clean the hall floor and tidy the bathroom.  Andrew and Annaliese empty the dishwasher and Aiden empties the wood cart. Sean prepares his famous pot roast.
11:30 - Out to the fabric store with Aiden. I use their great coupons to purchase some activities for the kids as a surprise once the new baby is born. I also needed interfacing for Aiden's' Easter suit and some white muslin for Annaliese's dress.
12 something - When we get home Sean has scrubbed the kitchen clean, the kids have tidied the living room floor, my pie is done and hopefully tastes more beautiful than it looks.  Annaliese gets the vacuum for the living room. It makes a loud roaring sound and sputters. It has officially died. After almost ten years, the Oreck will no longer be a part of our family. Any vacuum recommendations?
1:30 - I throw a big pan of cornbread into the oven. My Mom arrives to show off her progress on Ella's smocked dress. It is gorgeous! I cannot wait to put her in it with the coordinating bloomers. Our friends also arrive with their two sweet boys. Sean's pot roast and carrots and potatoes smell out of this world.
3 - An urgent care doctor calls. I went in early last week with a sore throat but the strep test was negative. It seems the second one came back positive even thought I feel fine. The doctor convinces me to pick up the antibiotic even though I tell her that I feel fine. "After all," she says, "strep can go to your heart..." After this week, enough said. Sean and our friend Sam make a run to the pharmacy for me to pick up the prescription.
I pop some corn and make caramel on the stove, pouring its lovely deliciousness over the top of the popped corn.
Sean and Sam take a few of the kids sledding while Sam's wife Sandra and I nibble popcorn, talk, and watch them from the library window. They are spots on a distant hill.
4 something - Finally dessert. Cannolis, caramel corn and surprisingly delicious blueberry pie with lattes. Could we be any more unhealthy?
6:53 - Our friends have left. We had such a nice time with them, as always.
Sean dressed Ella who is running around stark n*ked, having discarded her first set of pajamas in an unknown location. The older three are in their beds with books. I've finished the lesson plans for the week ahead. My brain is tired as I blog. One squirmy girl left to bed down.
Have a wonderful week everyone!


Andrea said...

I always love seeing what other families do. I will enjoy your series this week!

Pamie G. said...

Thank you...I am tired now, I am going to bed :) God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Go to an Oreck store and trade-in your old Oreck for a new one.. .they give between $50-100 for trade-in's, no matter how junky. It is cool.

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, I enjoyed hearing of your day. You are such a good home-keeper! Will be keeping up with you this week. :)


Me said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure I want another Oreck. Even though it did last us ten years, it was extremely noisy and got clogged on almost a weekly basis. I'm also thinking I'd like the kind of cannister vacuum with a hand held nozzle.
I plan on doing some online research to find vacuum reviews before buying. What a great trade in system Oreck has though! If Orecks rate the best, then we'll certainly take advantage of that!