Thursday, March 27

Nesting = Sewing

A year or so ago I picked up this sheep like white fleece for a song on clearance, thinking it would make a cute jacket for Ella. In an attempt to whittle down my stash of fabric, I finally got around to making the jacket, lining it with scraps of orange fleece my mother had passed on to me. White fuzzies everywhere with this project, I might add.
It has two large vintage buttons, the kind made from shells. The name escapes me. Pregnancy brain. Many apologies. Buttons instead of a zipper because that it what I had on hand. Pockets too. Jackets ought to have pockets, right?
Catherine loves it and her older sister is wanting a new jacket of her own so there'll be more sewing sometime soon.

Have a peaceful night!


Lynn Hasty said...

What an adorable jacket! I understand why it's putting others in the mood to want their own jackets.

Lynn ~:-D

Me said...

Thanks, Lynn!
Have a great day with your spring weather! I awoke this morning to a blizzard and six inches of snow...

Marsha said...

What a lovely jacket - and a great project! I hope that I, too, may someday have such excellent sewing skills. At the moment, I'm limited to sundresses and rod-pocket curtains!

I wonder if you might someday write a bit about how you sew with little ones around? Do you do your projects in dribs and drabs? I've wondered if I might invest in some special "sewing time only" amusements that I can break out when I want to sew. Since I sew on the dining room table they can, perhaps, do playdough or a special coloring book or something along side me. Haven't tried yet, though.

Me said...

Marsha, I started out making curtains and moved on from there too. I still bring my sewing questions to my mother...
As for sewing with littels around, most of it I do at night, when they are in bed. Then again, sometimes, like yesterday, I spread the fabric out on the floor to cut and have toddler walking across it and dogs thinking it would bake a cozy bed. I cut it out and sewed on it bits throughout the day as the kids were watching a Cedarmont Sing a Long and then eating lunch and having nap time. They are pretty content to sit with me and rifle through the button bin or make things out of the fabric scraps I pass to them.
Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful jacket.