Friday, March 14

I had a very sweet birthday. Sean made a special breakfast, complete with a latte for me. Mmmmm..heavenly way to start the day. Here are a few photos from the day.Play dough

A new canister, complete with rooster, for our oats

Table set for dinner and family

New Born shoes in the mail

My grandmother's cheesecake recipe for dessert


A sweet seven year old who drew me beautiful birthday cards

Sparkling blood orange juice - delish

My one wish for the day - sunshine pouring through the windows at breakfast

A handsome five year and barbarians and gladiators at war...
This adventurous boy stepped on a nail this morning outside and so we'll be off soon for a tetanus shot. I promise he had boots on when I sent him out to play!


Lynn Hasty said...

Such pretty pictures! I'm glad you had a happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! The picture of your daughter is stunning! Love it.