Friday, March 28

Homeschooling the Early Years Part 4

Spring will come someday, right?
On to home school history musings:
We began using The Story of the World as a guideline for our history lessons last year after it was recommended by friends who had used it with their children. Immediately, I liked how it gave an outline of events for me to follow, which I supplemented heavily with resources from our local library. I've always loved history and wanting to instill that same appreciation in our children, the additional stories from the library were necessary for us.
We loosely followed the book and finished it this year. On to medieval history we went from there, this time deciding to wing it ourselves. We've listened to Robin Hood on cd, acted out a short play in Sherwood Forest, fought with Sir Lancelet, watched and learned how a castle is built and the purpose behind its different rooms, and talked about living as a serf vs. living as royalty. You tube has allowed us to watch a duel and knights riding horseback. We've had a lot of fun! I can't wait to bring the kids to children's day at the Renaissance festival this summer!  Andrew has studied every knight and weapon book we could get our hands on and Annaliese examines the ladies dresses and draws endless princesses for me. Both of them have decided they would not have like being a serf.
If I have time, I'm hoping to make them their own costumes for the festival this summer.
I think learning first about ancient Rome and then learning how Rome spread throughout Europe, learning in this consecutive manner has really helped. In school, I remember learning about Europe before learning ancient history...
Next year we'll start with the Vikings and work our way to America through them and then onward. I've begun a computer file with notes and resources as I come across them to refer to at the end of the summer when I begin more in depth planning.
We live in an area full of early American history and it'll be great to take advantage of the local forts and museums.
I hope you are all having a beautiful day, enjoying your spring weather. We woke up this morning to this blizzard and six inches of snow. Whimper...

Spring will come someday, right?


Anonymous said...

We woke up to snow this morning too, so I am feeling the same way:) I pray for the sun to peek out!

Me said...

Glad to know I'm not alone in my wintery suffering! At least when the sun is out, it isn't quite so bad.

Pam said...

We too live in the northlands and are eager to see some signs of spring. Sorry about the snow, but the pictures are beautiful!