Saturday, March 8

Day Seven

With some help from Burts Bees, the kids have all just had their baths and are lined up on the sofa watching a Miss Spider DVD borrowed from the library. The books and DVD's by David Kirk our some of our favorites. I love the whole evolution of adoption that threads through the stories. For those of you unfamiliar with Kirk's writings, Miss Spider was an orphan in her youth and adopted. Now she and her sweet spider husband have a houseful of different adopted bugs. It is all very sweet and full of good family morals.

This morning began with Sean's French toast and syrup. We'll set the taps in our trees again soon. We ran out of our own syrup about two months ago.
Knowing he'd be busy all day and exhausted this evening, I began this.
Miss Ella sat contentedly on the counter beside the mixing bowl, enjoying a few finger dippings of curd. The boys were helping Papa with chickens and wood chores and structural engineering upstairs.
My sweet husband spent all day bracing up the beams in the portion of the house with a flat roof. By himself.
My hero.
Heavenly lemony orange filling in a bowl... for later!
Our dreaded winter storm warning wimped out and came as a torrent of rain. I am thankful. Another dumping of snow seems so much worse than a day of rain. Rain feels like spring. This evening we were even given an accompaniment of thunder.

Ella's dress is finished and hanging, still needing another ironing and a ribbon sash.
While the wee ones napped this afternoon, blissfully oblivious to Sean's pounding as he worked with those beams. I ran to a favorite consignment shop. This one in particular always has fabulous shoes for a great price but never in my size. Never. Lots of 6's and 9's.
I prayed.
Found these.
Brand new, $55 dollar price tag still attached. Just $10. Made my day since I am thinking (and this could change) that I'm wearing a brown dress tomorrow and didn't own a dressy pair of brown shoes. They aren't Mary Janes, but I love the vintage peep toe style.
For a friend's birthday I found this wire basket at another shop on the way home. Strawberries, blueberries, asiago and mozzerella rounded out the trip and I headed home. Miss Catherine was still sound asleep and Christopher had just awoken.  Annaliese was crafting and Andrew was absorbed in a playmobil battle.The food processor was handy for shredding the cheese quickly. Yummy pizza sauce and cornmeal for dusting the baking sheets.
This had risen and the pizzas assembled quickly. Into the oven at 500. Pouring then the lemony filling into the tart crust and enjoying the finger licking goodness.
Lots of berries round and round on top.

And after pizza and dinner dishes were cleaned up -do you see Andrew licking his lips in anticipation through those lilies?



Pamie G. said...

Thank you so much for sharing your seven days of family life. I am impressed, enthusiastic, moved, happy to feel like I can accomplish small things just by watching a wonderful woman like yourself -- you are an "inspiration". I live in a big city but it does not mean I can't live happy with what I have. You have no idea the lasting affect you have on me and my family! Pamie G.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a nice day. Hope the weather warms up for you.

Me said...

Pamie, we too lived in the city until a year ago on a crowded street and with some questionable neighbors. Your are so right though, contentment can be found in any circumstance. I remind myself of that when our pipes burst and holes have to be dug into ceilings and floors torn up or when all the kiddos come down with something at once.
Thanks, Rita, I hope the weather warms also! It was 20 on the way to church with blowing freezing rain and snow mix. I'm trying to look often at the amaryllis the kids planted on our mantle - a tiny sign of spring!