Thursday, March 6

Day 5

What a nice spring morning. Spring-like, anyway. Muffins, milk, and orange slices for breakfast.
The children played out of doors in the endless streams and puddles running off the back fields in the bright morning sunshine.
Tonight we have a winter storm warning. This morning I quickly set to work with my fabric and trim to fashion some window mistreatments, glue gun heated and ready. Four window valances took me about a half hour. Brilliant! I glue gunned everything, including the plastic rings to the top backside of the valances. Small nails meant for picture hanging are used to hang the valance. And, no, I don't normally keep my sheers tied. I haven't unknotted them since painting the walls and trim. So sorry. (blush)
Ella and I brought ventured outside for a while too. Andrew humored and entertained his little sister by catching her a hen to pet.  Aiden found a bucket and a puddle and made us all some "hot chocolate".

Which reminded me that I still hadn't ordered our meat chicks or new ducklings. I'm trying a new company this time, Strombergs, that had better online reviews than McMurray, which we ordered from last year. By the end of this month we'll have fifteen Khaki Campbell ducklings arriving. The 25 fat meat chicks will arrive in April and will be ready to butcher right after this wee one kicking my ribs is born. Yes, bad timing.

This rooster glaring at me from the hen house is our last rooster. His name is Chris. Only two of our chickens have been named and it was my husband that named them after his grandparents. They are the sweetest chickens we have, Nan and Chris, with their feathered feet.

These brown hens lay us our blue and green eggs.

I didn't take a photo of our clean laundry pile this morning because I didn't want to scare anyone out of having a large family. It took about an hour to fold and put it all away.  Aiden folded the kitchen towels and washcloths which earned him a quarter. He keeps them in a jar on top of the fridge to buy a playmobil like his big brother.
My regular MD called and told me to pick up some phosphate since my blood tests showed I'm low. Bizarre. Who has ever heard of that? Online research showed that this is normal for pregnant women. Our health food store, which carries every vitamin under the sun, didn't have it. I'll call the MD and see how low it was and ask if I really need to take some. Did pick up the potassium tablets the cardiologist recommended, which might help my fluttery heart rate, which, (thank you for all your prayers) has pretty much returned to normal. Nothing like a thousand dollar medical bill to scare my heart into behaving!

Our day was nice. And quiet. I love my new vacuum. It's suction power should be illegal. I cannot believe I lived with such a lousy vacuum for so long. I was thrilled, running it over the carpet and floors to watch the dirt sensor lights turn from red to green. Small things thrill me.

Somewhere in the middle of the day school got done. Some day I'll post on what that looks like for everyone who has asked.
When my love came home and the meatballs for dinner were done being prepared, we took everyone for a walk.

What is he doing in the ditch? Trying to break a fungus off the birch tree. Isn't that exactly what any boy would do? And, yes, that is a sword tied to his hip.Yes, she have cookie crumbs on her face from the cookies she snuck after naptime. She's still adorable and knows it.

One thing I am grateful for is that when I am pregnant, my feet are unchanging. I can still wear cute shoes. Lately I'm partial to Mary Janes.

Spagetti and meatballs for dinner. Two extra bins into the freezer for post baby meals.I should have called it a day right then as my hips and back are achey. Instead, I talked Sean into helping rip the fabric off of this chair my friend Diane gifted me years ago. He ripped and I made him a creamsicle float. I had come across the perfect fabric at Joanne's on clearance for $6 a yard.Tracing each piece we ripped off for a pattern.Glue gunning it on.
Ella entertained herself catapulting blocks across the room, sometimes coming to stand over my shoulder and see the chair progress and declare it "pretty, Mama". Please tell me she isn't the only baby to operate a catapult....

Years and years ago my Mom gave me a bolt of tassel trim that she had had for years and years. It has just sat in a box through all our moves. Though definitely more frilly than I'm used to, it finished the chair perfectly. Glued on, of course.

One last photo from the day. This is how I feel right now. Round.
Have a peaceful night everyone!


Anna said...

I've really been enjoying reading about your days. Can I say, though, that just reading through your activities makes me tired?! And I'm not pregnant and have only two children. :) Of course, one of them is stilling up several times a night nursing, but still ... I admire your energy! And, I'm slightly jealous of it, too. :)

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, you have the most funnest (tee hee) days to read about. You really do. I was thankful to have the same kind of feet during pregnancy. I had friends who could barely get their shoes on. Anyhoo... I love the chair! It's just right.

By the way, I'm not sure if I ever really introduced myself to you. (blush) I think your blog felt so homey, I just popped on and started commenting. I am a homeschooling, working mother with four children. And I just came across your blog somehow surfing and have been reading ever since.


The Nester said...

HOney those are some FAB mistreatments! You are a pro with that glue gun!

Way to go!

Me said...

Hi Anna! I'm sure I'll be utterly exhausted in eight more weeks with a nursing little one too and interrupted night sleep. Not looking forward to night feedings. I like my sleep.
Hi Lynn, I enjoy reading your blog too! Love your gardening, so inspiring...
Thanks for the inspiration Nester! Love your blog.

Jack's Mommy said...

you take such awesome photos! i really enjoy reading your posts...and was even thinking about your blog today. I had my good digital camera and thought "i need to photo-capture my day like (your) photos do!" so it was a beautiful day today (70 degrees and no clouds in sight), and I bent down to take a lovely picture of a wild flower - and my battery died. lol :) so much for that! i'm going to try again soon tho... thanks again for having such great "visuals" on your posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Hannah- it has been so fun reading about you a little bit. I love the last picture, I miss being pregnant! CAn't wait to do that again:)

Me said...

Jack's Mommy, nothing is worse than a camera battery dying just when you want to take the perfect picture, is there?
Brandy, even though I'm quite achey and large now, I have enjoyed this pregnancy. I think it has been the easiest one since our first.
Have a beautiful day!

Andrea said...

Looking at your bare legs in that cold makes me shiver!!! :)
Sounds like a great, productive, day!

FishMama said...

I like the sheers tied in a knot. They'll probably get fewer handprints on them that way. Love the chair! Nice job. It must be in the air, this home makeover deal. I'm doing it, too. said...

I'm really enjoying these posts... how fun! And what cute mary janes =) Hope your weekend is great.

Catherine Holman said...

I finally had to comment and tell you how much I love your sweet blog about your adorable family. I wish more mothers would read this. My children are grown and on their own. I stayed home with them and feel so blessed that I didn't miss a minute of them growing up. You bring back so many wonderful memories!

Me said...

Andrea, 40 something degrees was warm for us yesterday! I know, my legs are WHITE! Even in summer, they don't get much tanner...
Fishmama, you're right, my curtains would stay a lot cleaner tied up! You made me realize that now would be a good time to take them down to be washed!
On my Mind, are you a Mary Jane fan too? I just love them. I've been known to type in "Mary Jane" on ebay and just drool.
Thank you, Catherine, for your sweet comment. I try to remember how quickly these days are flying by on mornings like this one when one of our small boys decided to throw a tantrum in Target... I really do feel blessed, though, to be home with them!